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Friday, March 23, 2018

Spring? Is it really?...

My Garden journal is very boring in the winter. There is not a whole lot to say, same ol' same ol' snow snow snow.......well it is melting very slowly. So if we don't get anymore before next week when it is supposed to get up into the 40s again........maybe we will see some progress. I have the rakes out and the sun is out. That's about it. I am thinking of getting some seeds this weekend. Maybe some Basil and Parsley or Rosemary. It did not do well in the house when I brought it inside last Fall but who knows. It is supposed to be able to grow inside. Maybe Garden Goods has some fresh herbs? If I can persuade Gerry to look with me this weekend I will buy some if I see some. I know he would get some tomatoes if they had some.
Anyway..........for our anniversary he got me a nice little Daffodil. That will go in the garden when I can get it in.
 photo 20180321_133027_zpspsn00rwd.jpg
Justin and Carry bought me some cut Tulips that are pretty. I prefer live ones that I can plant but these are really pretty.
 photo 20180323_130634_zpsascijbvt.jpg
 photo 20180323_130646_zpswpsucach.jpg
I love Spring flowers, especially when they smell so good. I usually get a Hyacinth or two just for the perfume. Then they go in the garden. I always forget in the Fall when I am done with gardening, tired of it by the time everything is dead and wilted. This Spring clean up will be a mess because we never got a good chance to clean up last Fall. Inside, I need to replace some of my African Violets that are reaching the end of their lives. They do so well in that front window. They bloom all year
 photo 20180321_133107_004_zpsjnqkwtav.jpg
Meanwhile I do have to say I enjoy my fake flowers as much as any in the house and they are way less trouble. I will be looking at thrift shops for more to replace some of my real ones. Not sure I will bother bringing them in again next year.
I have bought some lovely beaded Violets from Craftymoose who does such a great job on them.
 photo 20180321_133211_zpse5einaom.jpg
 photo 20180321_133159_zpsntthvc0t.jpg
 photo 20180321_133150_zps8pqeyaca.jpg
I have also bought plant stakes to go in the ones that are only really leaves, no flowers. I put those in outside plants come summer and they do not fade, and have never broken. I love her work. Do you see the little bee's in the next picture?
 photo 20180321_133235_zpse89zadao.jpg
This year my garden will be picked over if I can get to it more often.I will pull stuff out and spread things around. I can not afford to buy a bunch of stuff like I usually do. Every year I must cut back more on spending. We want to retire, well Gerry does anyway and it is time I think. Maybe I can get him to do more around here haha.
I will have to put my money into mulch and Dairy Doo. I do need to finish the fence on the front side then that's finished.
So maybe next week I can make a start. The quicker the better before it gets hot and I won't want to be out there. I can not wait.


Merlesworld said...

I don't buy much for the garden these days mainly it all grows from cuttings from friends and family as I'm retired it does get very expensive.

Magic Love Crow said...

Love your real flowers and fake ones! All very beautiful! Gardening does get expensive! Better to move things around! LOL! Good luck! I have already done a major clean up job! Big Hugs!