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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

More snow coming..............

I got a couple of visitors today, they have been rather shy this Winter. I saw Mr Cardinal back on the shed at the end of the garden just before he came to the feeder.
 photo 105_0001a_zpsd8oarrek.jpg
They are obviously a pair and we usually do have at least a couple of nesting Cardinals around. Unfortunately the cats have to put them off a bit. I wish the cats would stay inside. They get out as often as they can sneak off. Thing is if they stay inside they are just such a pest and get on my nerves.
 photo 105_0003a_zps8bdh0cwa.jpg
 photo 105_0009_zpsv8w2aqwr.jpg
The birds will soon be moulting and when they do they look just terrible. Right now they must be nesting.
Mrs was down at the pond. I suspect taking a bath. There is a rock protruding and I am pretty sure she was on that unless she was swimming haha. I know they do go there for a drink so do the squirrels.
 photo 105_0014a_zpsnkqprhdd.jpg
I took a walk around this afternoon in the sun. Bodi has trouble walking now so I had taken her down for a sniff around. She doesn't go far. Poor girl I am pretty sure she is on borrowed time and I dread that. She is such a sweetheart. Anyway, some buds popping through and the tulips were chewed off last time a looked. They have grown just a little since then but one can see that they are minus the tops. In fact I cant tell now if they are Tulips or Hosta's
 photo 105_0024a_zpsutpviw29.jpg
In another garden there are some Hyacinths popping up.
 photo 105_0026a_zpszdqnkebf.jpg
All these will be sorry because this weekend is forecast snow again. I was hoping we were done with that but nope. More on the way.
I could see the Snowdrops tight buds, stay tight little Snowdrops, you need to stay warm.
 photo 105_0020a_zpsoysyuy1u.jpg
I wonder if Mrs Cardinal noticed Boots taking a nap in the sunshine by the pond?
 photo 105_0032_zpsvutizuiu.jpg
Well it wasn't warm for long and it was very soon after this that she came back inside. Neither one of the cats want to stay outside for long, but the sun was warm so Boots could not resist.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Great photos of your birds, your garden and your kitty cat! We are suppose to get snow this week too. I haven't seen much green, except the grass is getting greener! Hope you're having a great Easter! Give Bodi a hug from me! Take Care Janice!