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Monday, March 12, 2018

March Madness ..................

To snow or not to snow that is the question. One day it snows for 3 days and then the sun comes out for a couple and starts the melting process..........then it snows again. We gave up on the predictions of the Ground Hog long ago, that guy knows nothing.
I went out to see if there was any sign of life out there. A lot of snow has gone but, a lot remains and that is mainly ice now.
 photo 104_0154_zpsisjvvnks.jpg
There are actually Hosta popping through but no Snowdrops. If I could get the rake out and move some of the Autumn leaves I think we would see them popping through. Right now they would have to fight their way through. It's probably as well I didn't uncover them because it snowed again. Today was sunny. Enough to drive us nuts, the temps will be under 40 the rest of the week. so.............when the deck clears of ice I will get back out there. The first thing I should do is work on the front porch. I need to put away the Christmas stuff. It is looking jut a bit out of place now.
So by the side of the garden by Buds I had said there was a lot of Rabbit poop. I hope it's good fertilizer. I hope J McGavin does not mind me borrowing their picture.
 photo Baby Bunny_zpsnko8yxvy.jpg
The Holly is looking pretty, I took a picture just because.
 photo 104_0152_zpserr7c6g2.jpg
Finally some Finches came in to my feeder, maybe there is hope yet. This year has been bleak when it comes to birds. These yellow finches posed very nicely
 photo 104_0169a_zps01v9dipg.jpg
They sat on the old Christmas decorations and looked so pretty.
 photo 104_0167a_zps1zki2ofs.jpg
 photo 104_0166a_zpsfiqzbbnb.jpg
It was so good to finally see a few old friends, when they came in the a Nuthatch showed up.
 photo 104_0035a_zpsa8emskxy.jpg
 photo 104_0034a_zpswdgswvbf.jpg
So there we go, a few birds at last and even one lone Starling made the effort. There's been a Cardinal come every evening but he doesn't go up on the feeder so I don't usually see him until he has spotted me and took off. Sometimes its getting dark so its not easy to take a picture anyway.
 photo 104_0164a_zpsbdshfi8b.jpg
So there is hope yet. I am keeping my camera ready and my eyes open.
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Merlesworld said...

It is always good when the birds are visiting.

Magic Love Crow said...

I am so happy the birds have came back! I can't believe you have hostas coming up? Wow! Big Hugs!