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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Yesterday and Today.........

What a difference a day makes. Monday was such a lovely day. We went to Northport in the afternoon. I had gone out to take some pictures in the garden. I am so antsy to get things done and ready for Spring. We did get some raking done in the back garden but oh boy, you should see the front. Leaves from last Autumn inches thick all over. Keeping the garden warm.
I was checking on my Snowdrops and they were still there.
 photo 105_0047_zpslml2hxxy.jpg
Not fussy little things, tough and beautiful. I walked around and some of the things that were coming up are either frozen tips or eaten.
 photo 105_0051_zpsmmxl01eg.jpg
 photo 105_0050_zpsrsdmx8qi.jpg
I wonder if the Bunnies are busy?
 photo 105_0045_zps378m8v6a.jpg
So back inside I checked later at the bird feeder. I fill it up and the Squirrels eat it all
 photo 105_0044_zpsqgk9vobr.jpg
 photo 105_0042_zpsdmi8yzpt.jpg
They love the Peanuts. The Blue Jays do too but they missed out. Have not seen them. This little guy was being very helpful though. The clean up crew.....
 photo 105_0039l_zpsvad1jsfv.jpg
Look at that pretty little beady eye.
 photo 105_0038k_zpshjsi16ao.jpg
So here it is Tuesday.............and look at this.
 photo 20180403_193943_zpsxetly6wo.jpg
 photo 20180403_193934_zpsz4qqribh.jpg
There is now a Winter storm warning going on and we can expect a bunch dumped on us tonight. All I can say is it does not usually last too long. I won't be making the mistake I made last year and buying stuff and putting in too early. Oh no. I won't do that again. In any case I have to replan for this year. Last year was hardly a success. I really want some Zucchini. I just do not know where to put it. Hmmmmm I wonder, do you think I could put it by the road? Dump some good soil there and make a place for it. Maybe that would get Gerry out there to dig it up haha. Why not right? Good idea.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Wow, what a drastic change in the weather! We have been lucky here. Cold, but no snow! Good idea with the zucchini! LOL! Big Hugs!