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Thursday, April 5, 2018

April kidding...........

April is supposed to be sunshine and new flowers, and maybe showers to get rid of all the yucks. Not this year. A winter storm came roaring through leaving us with about a foot of snow. Already melting though so there is that. Gerry went out and cleared a Poodle path so the girls could run. A lovely heavily pregnant Robin came by and appreciated his efforts.
 photo 105_0095a_zpsrifwgdls.jpg
Poor girl, I hope she has a nest handy she looks about due to drop a few eggs.
 photo 105_0111j_zps99jevqhm.jpg
The sun came out and with that a few birds came to the feeders. The cats still don't want to be outside so maybe they are getting braver.
 photo 105_0105_zps6telrc9u.jpg
Chickadees are always a reliable visitor and this guy was having a tough time what to eat first
 photo 105_0104_zpsdphfkhdx.jpg
 photo 105_0124j_zpsexyrsill.jpg
 photo 105_0122k_zpsj3vdudsq.jpg
The little finch had no such problem and stuck to the feeder
 photo 105_0117k_zps4d5xotpz.jpg
Off in the Maple tree a small Woodpecker was busy. I hear him every morning early on..........
 photo 105_0098_zpszwohaj8l.jpg
 photo 105_0098h_zpsraxkoh7b.jpg
Then came the Cardinals, Mr and Mrs today........the birds love the grapevine, the one Bud hates. Well I like it not only for privacy but also because when its cold or raining the birds shelter in there and eat their seeds.
 photo 105_0166k_zps57fp7une.jpg
I got a whole bunch of Mr Cardinal before she arrived. He got a bit blown around up in the tree.
 photo 105_013k_zpsxlpgk89k.jpg
 photo 105_0130j_zpsrlajusqo.jpg
 photo 105_0134_zpsir55ibmm.jpg
He soon came down to a spot of sun on the deck.
 photo 105_0151k_zpsbztdrmuk.jpg
Then the Mrs arrived.
 photo 105_0156k_zpsqdgqvstp.jpg
 photo 105_0152h_zpsxfedefbc.jpg
The buds are popping on the trees so I hope they didn't get too cold.
 photo 105_0168_zpsko9x3ipz.jpg
The Squirrels nest in my tree disappeared. Probably got blown away, maybe they moved in with the neighbours. Bud's going to be kept busy this year as we already have loads of the critters and he does not like them. They eat his Tulips and/or dig them up and plant them at my house.
 photo 105_0170_zpsg3ono9m7.jpg
Chickadee making use of the vines to stay warm while he eats
 photo 20180404_135750_zpspkgs0kjz.jpg
I saw a Mourning Dove go down to the pond for a drink. There is a rock in there now and they seem to enjoy going down to that. I saw the Robin do that the other day. I sure hope no one falls in.
It is good to see the sun, the snow looks beautiful (but I have seen enough thanks) and good to see a few birds come back. Now if I can keep the cats inside and the squirrels away maybe I will see more. I need some newcomers ones we rarely see. That would be nice.


Merlesworld said...

You have lovely birds come visit you pity it is so cold.

Magic Love Crow said...

Truly love this post Janice! You are such an amazing photographer! I love that picture of Mr Cardinal and his hair blowing around! LOL! Big Hugs!