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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Winter Storm.........

It's April and we had a beautiful Winter storm last night. It's still snowing but the sun is also out. Do we get Snowbows? (like rainbows when the sun shines?) ......well we got quite a bit. I was procrastinating. I had a 2nd cup of coffee to fortify myself. I was going to shovel the deck, honest I was. I wanted to fill the bird feeder. Well Gerry went out before I could get to it. Lucky me.
The girls were anxious, they needed to pee and wanted to go down into the garden.
 photo 20180404_111631_zpsq1qljwlt.jpg
The deck had been clear until this morning, not sure how much we got but it was a lot.
 photo 20180404_112923_zps81wabeko.jpg
They were happy when they could get down and run. The nice thing about small dogs they don't need a whole lot of exercise. When they can run on the paths through it all they are happy.
 photo 20180404_112651_zpscrhfbayu.jpg
Bella likes to climb the piles of snow and see if she can get over the fence. She is the only one with the sense of adventure and wanting to know what's beyond the gate. When Bodi was young she used to go for car rides and enjoy outside adventures. The other 3 never have been on a leash. Bodi never needed to be, she always stuck close to us.
 photo 20180404_112311_zpst8eftdg6.jpg
The snow is sure pretty
 photo 20180404_113307_zpskkf25vf5.jpg
I wonder how my Snowdrops are fairing? This is Bud's tree through my window this morning. The screen makes it pretty. I will be removing all screens this summer I just don't like them.
 photo 20180404_085453_zpscwufgsu0.jpg
Somewhere there is a van under all that...
 photo 20180404_085320_zpsfs8om2oi.jpg
So how long will it last? Everyone is bored
 photo 20180404_130048_zpsukypbjez.jpg
Well at least the suns out, there is that.

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Magic Love Crow said...

I know everyone complains about the snow and how long our winter has lasted, but I agree Janice, I think a true winter's day is so beautiful! The only is, when you have to shovel heavy snow, that isn't fun! Love the pictures!! Glad the girls had fun! Big Hugs!