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Monday, April 23, 2018

It's almost May..............

Yes it is only April, 23rd to be precise. Still next week it will be MAY. I need to get everything that I will plant in by the end of May. Otherwise why bother. So today I got outside to try to tidy up a bit. I can only work on the back right now, the front is a disaster. I hope by weeks end maybe Gerry can get it raked out front while I deal with the back. Then get around to the front the following week. As I was out with the Poodles today I took a few pictures of the things just daring to pop.
 photo 105_0624a_zps7cxq3dg5.jpg
 photo 105_0610a_zpsi4ntsl6n.jpg
So much to be done. First things first, tidy up, cut back all the dead stuff. Loosen the dirt and add compost to it. Replace the wood chips and then get to the front.
I won't be planting much this year. Two of the shrubs I bought last year did not make it. I can't afford to keep doing that. I do want to replace them though. I won't be able to do a lot as years go by so flowering shrubs are a good choice. I also need to split some Hosta's so that I have more of those to spread around. I wont have the money to spend on the garden after this year so I must do as much as possible this year
 photo 105_0612_zpsggr7it9i.jpg
My Tulips got a bit nibbled
 photo 105_0614_zpsjzgztz4t.jpg
I don't know if it was rabbits or frost. I am sure they will recover.
The Snowdrops are a bit weak this year, not so many as before.
 photo 105_0629k_zpsliz346o0.jpg
 photo 105_0613_zps5v9njlqu.jpg
So this morning the Crows were making quite the racket. I went out to see what the problem was. There were two of them yelling at Bessie who had climbed the tree. I would have taken pictures but I figured no good could come of that situation and so I went outside. The Crows were not happy and there was one either side of the tree. They let me approach and so I called Bessie to come in, she was stuck, but with a little persuasion she came down. The Crows were happy and left. I scooted her bum in the house. Not for long though. When I took the Poodles out she was out there too.
 photo 105_0619_zps3fpgmxdy.jpg
What a brat she is.
Here is Brea enjoying the sun
 photo 105_0620_zpsadqydcnt.jpg
Bodie didn't want to be out for long today, the snow had melted a bit by afternoon. Except in the shady spots where it is shear ice.
 photo 105_0617_zps8w7w30sh.jpg
People went by and even Bodie managed to run to the fence but that was enough for her, she wanted to go inside
 photo 105_0630h_zpscsbrte85.jpg
My poor Bodicea, such a sweetheart and she has to be carried out now. She can't get around much these days. She does like to sit out in the garden in the sun and will do until it gets hot. She will enjoy sitting in the shade on the deck and I can put a fan out for her. (and me)

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Magic Love Crow said...

The poor crows!! Keep Bessie in!!! LOL! Looks like everything is coming up! So happy for you Janice! I've been outside cleaning up too, but it's raining today! Give Bodie a hug for me!