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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Frosty treats............

The last few days have been rough on the birds. Its been bitter cold and the snow relentless. I have been filling feeders three times a day. They seem to be eating most of it as well. The Crows have been enjoying peanut butter sandwiches. I put peanut butter between slices of bread stacked up and then break it up and throw it for them. They wont come on the deck.
 photo d39ee879-9954-4fa2-9f76-004016be4b89_zps31a16a92.jpg
The Crows come and check first thing in the morning, I hear them from my bedroom. The other birds come as well but they usually still have leftovers. I have had rather a nice variety this past week.
 photo a8419e58-3723-428a-931d-b4db8bee4348_zps7c16ecd0.jpg
Nothing different than usual, just more at once. There has been one Starling who is just hanging out, he stayed when the gang left. Maybe he is too tired to go on with them and knows there is food here for him. The funny thing is the Mourning Doves are the aggressive ones out of the lot. They will beat up a BlueJay if it gets near its stash.
I love this next picture. I waited a long time to see Mr and Mrs C together.
 photo 731304f9-e16e-472b-88f4-babc4d982600_zpsc51c159f.jpg
There were several Cardinals around. I saw 3 males and probably the same amount of females. I bet they are all related. They chase each other though so are probably getting territorial.
Here is the Junko and the finches along with the Titmouse and Chickadees. The red finches are beautiful and when they fly you see some have red backs as well as breasts.
 photo ff947fe3-dd39-4406-9769-0aebae54d729_zpsd8d63fda.jpg
 photo bd6046ad-b2ed-4513-a3ed-b283125f39fc_zpsf1bc8279.jpg
 photo b72c841d-33bb-427e-a252-f581cee33736_zps347ca210.jpg
So many were cold and laying on their feet. They tucked first one foot up and then the other, then just laid down and ate. Some would take their goodies up into the tree to open the shells. I bought mainly seeds that were already shelled, save some of their energy. I also put out lots of suet.
 photo 32da26f0-08ce-4547-9cbb-1f9b404f1983_zpsc6ba3ab5.jpg
 photo 0d393ee1-52fd-4012-ad59-d7736267ed2d_zps289d6149.jpg
The Blue Jays appreciate not having to work for the nugget
 photo 04bded63-352a-4ed5-b383-debc1056ab0b_zpsac4ff41f.jpg
The Mourning Doves will lay on a pile of seed and take a nap. They even pick on each other. They usually come in pairs but there were three out there today and one of them was made unwelcome.
 photo b0541b35-16f3-48ff-8d5a-9242da454d6c_zpsfd6bfc9c.jpg
I love seeing the small ones all fluffed up
 photo 6c78e943-c81a-4368-b973-d0d85da8e697_zpse4923c1c.jpg
 photo 95594387-2856-43d5-b2d7-d7fa66392e02_zps00eb7db4.jpg
 photo 47421ea8-5c2e-4e97-90a4-9a1ab7ccf7f0_zps17c3e1fb.jpg
Well there are many more pictures to show but enough for today.


Haddock said...

Nothing like watching and hearing the birds early in the morning.

Debbie Harris said...

I just love coming and seeing your posts with animals, but these birds warm my heart, Janice.
What a great idea to put peanut butter in between bread,I will have to do that for my birds too.

Nice to visit with you!