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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Poor Birds.........................

I was feeling so bad for the birds today. It was so cold outside, never stopped snowing and blowing. I went out 3 times to brush away snow and refill the feeders. They are enjoying their suet and especially the bread with peanut butter. I am trying to give them a lot of fat stuff. The Blue Jays and Crows love the breads. Some have fruit in it.
My feets are weally weally cold.
 photo 64847254-b0ea-482a-bdd0-cad4f36e9909_zps78a9b6f4.jpg
The poodles were limping when they came back in after just a few moments out there. In fact I had to go out and carry little Brea back in.
The Woodpeckers really enjoy the suet, the ones with the red heads seem to put some of it in the tree bark and come back for it? Not sure what they are doing but that could be.
 photo cbbf6d50-ef0c-4d24-925e-63f8cec60a4b_zpsf8be6821.jpg
There have been several different woodpeckers recently
 photo f9786eca-0206-48a1-bc91-5b78d6657161_zps21d2c3ad.jpg
 photo 9cbbb715-8e68-4a42-ba58-9b3df1e55c0c_zpscc4c2723.jpg
 photo f2f2ef6c-e48a-477e-b254-85d6bf77c39e_zps993a2637.jpg
The smaller birds were very cold, fluffed up but yet still had the energy to squabble.
 photo 2aca45b1-2982-4647-a15f-c9824f404c83_zps80900fb5.jpg
 photo 6a7868d0-481f-41da-ba14-17157a7774c5_zps4288248e.jpg
 photo 8e67b045-d29f-4dda-938c-b321f17e0602_zps54b73d54.jpg
I just love them all and wish I could put out a heating pad for them.
 photo d0dda232-3dc8-4c95-a6ab-6ca02e90781a_zpsb9af485c.jpg
 photo 518fab29-3ce1-433e-acd9-e8f642e724e4_zps002c5ce3.jpg
 photo f0ac1e89-1dd8-4a4c-aebd-5dc25ef24181_zps08ddf433.jpg
 photo 552a38f3-6b99-4279-9501-3719defd14a5_zps32fee045.jpg
Well tomorrow will be even worse than today apparently. I could not believe they had school open today it was so bad. It was ok at 5am when they checked, they should have listened to the weatherman, he was right for a change. So lets hope they are closed tomorrow. One funny (not so) thing today. Visibility was so bad a van ran up the back of a semi truck and got stuck under it. The truck didn't know and kept right on goint. They got a 911 call from the van...........ummm we are stuck under a semi and he wont stop......Sigh.......thank goodness they were ok.


Beth said...

I so enjoy your photos - am glad you are feeding the birds during this cold weather.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Enjoyed the beautiful photos of birds today!

Wicked Faerie Queen said...

I live in Southern Ontario and our winters are pretty cold, I think the only worse places are Wisconson and Michigan.

Your birds are so lovely. We go out to feed ours all day in this weather. They all seem to be living under our screened in room floor so they are out of the wind. The poor little things. I don't understand why everyone does not feed the birds, not only do they need it but on these bleak, cold days it is so nice to look out and see the colourful life in the yard.

Keep warm

Magic Love Crow said...

I love your bird photos so much! We feed our birds ;o) That is so funny about the van! LOL! Hugs ;o)