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Friday, January 16, 2015

Indoor plants............

Every year I bring in plants from outside but then I don't like having them in the house. So..........what should I do? I hate to see things die when I can save them. Truth is most do not make it. I didn't bring many inside this year but still. I did bring in the Spider plants. They have shed all the leaves that got burned with the frost and are looking well now. I have about six of those plants. All looking pretty good if somewhat smaller than they used to be.
 photo 8e8dff70-fe6d-4920-98f0-04d9a8aec316_zpsddb7d9e1.jpg
 photo 17232311-a337-4adb-b1a6-b93650563013_zps5f2072ee.jpg
The Spider plants get really big when they are outside. I am happy the shred them back when they come in. They are easy to propogate
I brought in Jason's Azalea early and it is loving it in the kitchen window. It has been blooming since it came in.
 photo f77b403f-34f8-461f-b33d-67e4a8cc7fea_zps11bb9eb0.jpg
I also brought in the Cyclamen. I only had white ones left. I think what I may do is to buy a couple more and ditch some of the other bigger plants.
 photo 6bd7a01f-d522-4e85-b634-1d7738617411_zpsff89f2ee.jpg
My very favourite though is the African Violet. I have quite a few of those. They love this one window. The white one blooms a lot. The others are having a rest at the moment but they bloom all year. With the Violets its a question of finding the spot that they like and then keeping them happy.
 photo ff823cdf-7384-41dd-801f-07547c1700ed_zps3491e385.jpg
 photo 481558c2-bb4c-4d66-a059-ddfe3ce09787_zps0969cd51.jpg
While not in bloom, I help them with some beaded flowers by Craftymoose,
 photo d5fdd4bd-f7c8-47b5-9897-6bc0e03583bb_zpsfb6e3dd4.jpg
Then the other one that I am happy survived is my Rosemary plant.
 photo 97688e1b-ecc4-49a3-9d3f-a4410c7928ab_zpsd33896a1.jpg
Then out the back in the laundry are the rest.
 photo 7788fe46-32fb-4b68-9493-f0bc0c66f27c_zpsf1a846ff.jpg
This one does not do well outside, even in the shade.
 photo a6334a3d-b011-4128-8218-91b56786599d_zps36c58616.jpg
I keep those indoors and they are good in darker corners, they don't like direct light. They call it Devils Ivy or Pothos. Anyway that's my mess and I can not wait for Spring.

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Craftymoose Crafts said...

I love what you did with the lilies in the african violets! Years ago, I had dozens of AVs but the water softener salt eventually kills them. Too lazy to keep buying water, LOL. Thank you for the link!