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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Total Surprise............

Yes I did get a surprise yesterday in my garden. A hawk of some kind came down. He was disturbed before he could snack on any of my birds. I could not get a good look or a good picture, but here he is.
 photo a7d867e4-9e6d-46e8-8f89-48a8a97edceb_zps9ea574c8.jpg
Its hard to guess who he is. I want to say I hope he comes back but..........I don't want him eating my babies. I think the Starlings probably attracted him because they were here in full force. The Mourning Doves were a good target as this one was napping. They spend a lot of time napping. They come in and eat, then nap so they don't have to fly back. They just hang out. They look so peaceful but they are cranky with the other birds and deliver some good whacks with their beaks.
 photo 21270361-21a3-4360-813f-7e805bf94037_zps244ba6ad.jpg
They are pretty birds.
 photo 8634e235-5ac3-4cdb-8a95-a888e8ad70d9_zpsbba999fc.jpg
I am getting through quite a few loaves of bread and a lot of bird food. The Crow flys over and cawwws for me to come out and feed him.
I can't wait to be able to get outside and begin to clean up. I am going to begin looking at garden magazines I think. I need to get some ideas for this year. I know that friends in England have the shoots coming up already. Then again I think they had some snow. Here the ground is so frozen it will take awhile for the snow to melt. The temperatures keep the ice on the ground.
Anyway, for now no new news.
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Magic Love Crow said...

Stunning pictures as always! I love doves too ;o) The hawk is gorgeous! Wow! I hope he doesn't eat any of the birds either, but what can you do, right? I just wouldn't want to see it! Hugs ;o)

September Violets said...

I think your surprise visitor may have been a Cooper's Hawk. He visits my yard every so often. I have a photo of him in a blog post here:
"A Handsome Visitor" ... (sorry, couldn't attach the link, just enter this title in my search box on my sidebar.)
Same 'falcon' like face, and wide bands on his grey tail.
Mourning doves are sweet, plump little ladies, but yes, the hawk does like to make a meal of them ... sitting targets. Wendy