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Thursday, February 26, 2015

More Crows, more birds and critters.............

The Crows are really getting through the bread and are quite vocal about me getting out there to feed them. They will have a treat tomorrow, I saved the bacon grease for them they love that. Isn't he pretty?
 photo d70cb19e-49dd-4750-bcd6-5ec23187b7e1_zps0qp8ic46.jpg
I got some pictures of the squirrels. I hate to chase them off and will allow them their time for eating. They love the peanut butter and the peanuts in shells. Look at the little hands shelling the peanuts
 photo c9d9591a-6620-4fa1-a921-18886dee99f0_zpswaibvyng.jpg
 photo 101df501-2c22-46f1-a613-2e737e0bdf36_zps20x4o4lj.jpg
 photo 3c834bd4-08da-4b5e-9469-e8ccd9712d31_zpsxburcees.jpg
Then there are the grey squirrels, look at the feast this one is enjoying
 photo 8f11a4e1-f948-4c64-a20b-9af18b9819be_zpspynlct8p.jpg
 photo b42285be-ec7d-4518-a874-663ec40a71a0_zpsebnbufdp.jpg
The Starlings like to huddle in the grapevine. Its a refuge for all the small birds too. A place they can eat out of the elements somewhat.
 photo b181c3fe-5489-4827-91ac-b46ab554ec67_zpsk5hfunax.jpg
 photo 4c43417e-65cb-4a26-b0a6-530fd6a45c4a_zpswbooc3uk.jpg
Look out my bathroom window at the hoard of Starlings waiting their turn in the trees
 photo c8d1b1e2-3c82-4f99-94f2-5a4ed8ba6136_zpsl43rkgra.jpg
 photo b7a3a027-49c0-4f07-b878-8383cb3dd135_zps6fbpos12.jpg
I have been wondering what this is all about. I have noticed that what I thought were squirrel nests, the Starlings and Blue Jays seem to hang out around them. I wonder what they find to eat? Fleas? Or maybe squirrels stash food in there? Anyway, several that were large at onset of winter now seem depleated and pulled apart
 photo 80a2c1b4-cfc6-4ed1-93dd-13a8bd729fb0_zpsisn2uv67.jpg
We had several little red finches come to visit. It's nice to see something different on occasion. I wish I could pull more birds in.
 photo f42576e3-1e82-4c51-9d79-74bbf85aa706_zpsvpkj057l.jpg
A couple of the regulars
 photo 3cd385b6-20a4-49f0-a9de-c0cb9a048c2e_zps3kijx45w.jpg

 photo bc355d6e-8d9e-4b04-8650-25fbc701f37b_zpsoxm3wdgi.jpg
Well not a lot new to show you, it's just been so cold, I feel so bad for the critters. I saw a rabbit this morning. He got on the deck the same way that the cat does, under the gate. Well there is plenty of food that falls to the floor so its good to see someone is getting to it. I was not quick enough to get a picture. I will be more careful tomorrow and see if he is there again.
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September Violets said...

I keep putting up more and more photos of birds and critters on my blog too. I think everyone is maybe getting a bit tired of this long winter now. Are you? I love that shot of the crow, he looks old-fashioned somehow. Maybe it's his dark feathers reminding me of black feather boas. The squirrels are cute too. I saw a little red squirrel at the marsh the other day, but he was so nervous. I finally just tossed some seeds under the tree he was clinging to. I have even less variety of birds in my yard than you, so be happy with the cardinals & downies ;) Enjoy your weekend Janice, they keep telling us it's going to warm up now ...

CIELO said...

I love your blog and love to read about your magical aviary world. Your blog is a reflexion of your heart. And it is lovely


Donna said...

I enjoyed your photos of the birds and squirrels. I noticed you have black squirrels, which we don't have down south. Beautiful photos. I love bird watching all year round.


Magic Love Crow said...

Your pictures are magnificent! I love them Janice!