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Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Crows.................

As you know, I have been encouraging the local Crows to come and feed. They are very reluctant to come in and feed, hang back longer than the other birds do. I was outside taking pictures and got a few shots of them waiting and thinking about coming down to eat. The Starlings kept eating all the bread before they could get down to it.
Here are two of them waiting for breakfast. Snuggled up against the cold.
 photo 5defb9f0-ebec-47c9-974e-dbed042cc5af_zps810d16d4.jpg
This one got closer to see what was on the table for breakfast
 photo 6e85c8e0-6b2a-48ea-b82f-15bcb516efa7_zpsf17e8baf.jpg
Finally he came down and grabbed a mouth full, and kept on stuffing it in.
 photo 9d2e7443-74e1-40ef-9113-f7f5acca5659_zpsef2dec92.jpg
 photo c15588b1-9ae9-49d7-8d43-cced1056acf8_zps2805cd21.jpg
So then with his mouth packed full he goes up onto the garage roof to eat at leasure.
 photo 688fb209-89f3-4275-b5e6-f52e508463b9_zps1ccc1d2a.jpg
This guy went looking for bits that got dropped by either other Crows or the Starlings who over packed their beaks
 photo 012260a4-5bda-427d-bccb-1c4b890081fb_zps6d3d2503.jpg
The Crows will dig through the snow to find every last morsel. I love this picture of the crow patiently awaiting his chance to get down and eat.
 photo 8c2d7cce-7eee-45b6-92ec-575ea8216e10_zps7cd0853b.jpg
Clean up before Breakfast while the other two snuggle.
 photo b62a5246-55b6-4a78-a96a-886461051991_zps5cadf5d6.jpg
 photo 3c800f34-a95e-4f24-9c98-a0245f60ec7d_zpsbf43dda9.jpg
So that's a day in the life of my Crows, well a small part of their day anyway.


September Violets said...

You'll have these glossy big boys eating from your hand soon! My grandfather once had a pet crow named Rastus ... maybe I already mentioned that. All long before my time, but I think I would have loved to visit my grandfather and the birds and animals he had around. Your crows would take a lot of feeding! Enjoy your day Janice ... sun is coming out here, but still -18C this a.m.

Merlesworld said...

Lots of big black fellows around your way not so many here.

Magic Love Crow said...

You have made my day! My year! My life! I am smiling big time! Thanks Janice! I am so happy! Big Hugs ;o) xoxoxoxo Do you ever get your photos printed? Would love to pay you to do that and send me these photos ;o) Big Hugs ;o)