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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Freezing again........

The temperatures today started out at minus 12........I think it got up to minus one. The sun was out though and it was such a beautiful day. Blue skys. Bitter bitter cold. I wonder how the birds and animals survive. I know that they have been chowing down continuously the last few days. I have spent a fortune on bird foods.
Just bought a huge bag today at Sam's. I usually go to McGough's
 photo e0efc55c-089c-45fb-8224-201625a6d6b0_zps83504cec.jpg
we were once a farming town and we still have a few remnants of that time. We have Tractor Supply as well and they sell farm machinery as well as food and chicks in Springtime, things like that. SO bird food is cheaper than in stores or bird stores like Birds Unlimited. They also have a large variety.
Well the birds were so cold. Most stood on one leg so that they could warm the other. They didnt go far from the feeders either. They sat up in the trees and seemed to take turns coming down.
 photo c2c740a8-7309-4039-8832-b973fb821c33_zps58840eaa.jpg
 photo 4748eae0-11ba-4564-9bcb-1f432daf9437_zps526fe19a.jpg
The Hawk has been hanging around but so far has not caught any of my birds. I have been putting extra feeding stations for the small ones so everyone can get in and eat. This squirrel braved the cold. It was so windy yesterday that the snow froze on his fur.
 photo ad280dd1-9618-446e-8dfb-4824cea930b5_zps0e54694a.jpg
I think just about every sort of bird that normally come were here yesterday. Today, in the sun, not so many. I would think they found sunny spots and tried to warm up. I love the faces of the Titmouse.
 photo ccf47aab-0074-460b-a4f6-fdfdd6aa402e_zps8a990290.jpg
 photo 66cb1b20-4f00-4f0e-8106-1588c7be9b73_zpsf7bc7e71.jpg
The BlueJay made a pretty picture
 photo dff35023-e730-47be-98ec-1176ece381f7_zpsa50a4e50.jpg
The woodpeckers came in for the suet, some have fruit in it and or nuts and seeds. They love it.
 photo 9f862b90-4738-40b9-9e82-6b4a7c12a1cb_zps15d5696b.jpg
The snow made some pretty vignettes. I am ready for it to be gone now.
 photo 8c6c91cc-3034-40b5-bf88-0b2ea7ae0a96_zps42918a35.jpg
Our downstairs bathroom froze up. The toilet plus hot and cold water taps. Nice...........hope they don't burst.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Boy, that is pretty cold! Our temps have gone below zero a few nights when we have been snuggled under our blankets. Take care!

September Violets said...

I've been making sure our feeders are filled up too. Poor birds. I scatter lots on the ground and under an evergreen beside my kitchen window for the little guys when the wind is so bitter. I hope you get your water pipes thawed. My sister built a box around her water taps in her unheated barn, inside the box she keeps a single bare bulb turned on, and the heat it gives off is just enough to keep the taps from freezing. This might give you an idea for your bathroom. Not expensive to keep a single bulb burning, at least while it's this cold. Good luck!

Magic Love Crow said...

Everything looks so pretty Janice ;o) I hope you are keeping warm ;o )