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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


it has been awhile and I don't know where to begin. We have had two nights of storms, they shredded the trees. We were lucky though because power is out at several places and trees are down. However, that pelting rain has made everything grow. My garden is fully fledged and I have not got half done that needs to be done. My husband did help by defining the borders for me. Now I am working on the front and trying to weed out the overgrown stuff.
Meanwhile my Iris this year are gorgeous.
 photo 20170613_143902_zpsjhamtinn.jpg
 photo 20170613_143858_zpstpijwltc.jpg
I was afraid the wind would break them all down.
 photo 20170608_174526_zpshznx2yuf.jpg
They didn't break though and today I could stake them up. I seem to have more this year with more light on them. I found that I have some nice white ones, I don't remember getting those. They are beautiful
 photo 20170608_174707_zpsec1iccpu.jpg
 photo 20170606_110611_zpsgp7rq7fk.jpg
I have quite a few of the same ones growing front and back and they are spreading. This has taken awhile but they seem to be at home now
 photo 20170609_145630_zpswqvfwbos.jpg
 photo 20170613_143920_zpscdl4ba42.jpg
Then a light lavender one popped up. I have quite a few still in bud so who knows what else will pop up.
 photo 20170606_110846_zpsahep4i5e.jpg
I saw someone down the street has a beautiful yellow with frilly petals edged in orange I would love one of those. We have a beautiful Iris farm out on M72, I will have to give that a visit and get pictures. It has just been too hot for me. Also I don't like to have to wait.
 photo 20170609_180745_zpszoodejkc.jpg
Then the Iris in my pond I had to divide. I kept some of those in a bucket to see if I can come up with a way to save them. They have lasted from last year at least but I need a better way to show them off. As I have so much to cover I will leave this as just an Iris post and move on.


Magic Love Crow said...

Beautiful Janice! We have been getting lots of rain here too! Big Hugs!

Judy said...

I moved to a new house and my garden is very premature, I took many plants from my old house,this spring I bought a few English roses, cant wait for them to flowers..