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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A long time coming...............

It is Spring, really it is. They say we should not plant till the end of May but I have always managed to get things in around the end of April. I did wait this year but even so we got a frost. It didn't do too much. I lost a couple of plants and a few got nipped but basically they just sat there not doing much of anything. I have finally got all the seeds in. The peas are not doing well. A Chipmunk keeps digging them up. I know it's him because he has a hole right next to the pea patch.
 photo 015 2_zpsgbvabnci.jpg
So what do I do? I keep burying them but I have feeling they wont do well.
So far just the radish have sprouted. I need to thin those out. Do you re-plant them or throw them away?
Guess I will try to replant them.
 photo 103_1378_zpsrc8clpem.jpg
Well I am having computer problems so I can't post my pictures. My computer is broken, it won't start. I have to wait to get it repaired so I am using this old one. I just can't load from my phone to here. Shame really because I got some good pictures on my phone.
 photo 103_1690_zpsks2tbeg7.jpg
The Blossoms on my apple tree amounted to nothing this year. Not even good pictures of what did bloom. Seems things pop up and die really quickly. I have been looking at pictures of peoples gardens in England. They always seem so full of colour. Mine is always just green with occasional little bursts of colour. This year most of my Daffodils did not come up. I did have a few tulips but not enough to speak of. I really should put bulbs in this Fall.
 photo 103_1370_zpsqbn8ypt9.jpg
It just seems it takes years to mature and fill in. Still maybe if I put in enough?
 photo d55c86a6502990f119f1f140660ceb25_zpsiwyjypci.jpg
So this year I can not afford many flowers. I bought a tray of Begonias, today I put those in. It was enough to do my hanging baskets, now if the Squirrels can leave them alone they may fill in well. I bought some Hydrangeas that got frosted. They may not do much this year. Thankfully the ones I put in before have survived, Time will tell if they will do well. The Azalias have though and so I bought another one to put by the pond.
 photo 20170506_170012_zps5uv4kx4z.jpg
 photo 20170506_165957_zps6e89qgzt.jpg
 photo 103_4203j_zpssleiitau.jpg
I have run out of glass balls, just enough for the back garden. That's the one I sit in for the most part so the front will have to do without for now. Maybe as time goes on I can replace some. I am making some wind chimes out of drift wood. I started and then realized that it was not working so had to get some fishing line. I think it will work. When it's done I will take pictures for my other blog, My Pretty Things.
 photo 103_1679_zps0uvntp32.jpg
 photo 103_1706_zpsbouzluai.jpg
The back garden is as done as it's going to be for now. I still have to weed, thin out and tidy the front now.
I am hoping to get my computer in to get it repaired so maybe my next post will have some recent pictures. Meanwhile. I will get the work done and make the wind chimes.

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Magic Love Crow said...

You're doing well Janice! I hope your computer gets fixed soon! Have fun in the garden! Big Hugs!