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Monday, May 1, 2017

It's May....................

It's May 1st. The weather is still cold and wet. I have bought a few shrubs to plant. One is a Gooseberry Bush, I bought one once before and planted it in a bad spot. Well the spot became way too shady. So this time I think I have a better spot for it. I am trying to fill in gaps so that the spaces (rooms) are more defined. I also got two Hydrangeas that I got to fill in under the Burning Bush. However I don't think they are right for that. So, one will go in a barrel that will also give some height. The other I think I may put under the Rhodedendron because that is very sparse.
 photo 20170501_193224_zpsae1zepnc.jpg
Well I thought I might put a shrub in with the Rhodedendron?
 photo 20170501_193237_zps2ha3zcey.jpg
Or I may just put the Hyrangea in the tub, give some height and if it fills out it might help block the area
 photo 20170501_193247_zpsy2kp026h.jpg
This corner needs something. I was thinking about an evergreen of some kind. Maybe a Cedar. Behind the Barrel there, a big gap and I want to not be able to see through
to the back area.
 photo 20170501_193317_zpsoncyzih4.jpg
That corner also needs something. I got the Hydrangea to go there but I am not sure about it. I think I need something bigger.
Thing is its shade. Or at least a part shade. So I wonder what I can put in there. Cedar seems like a good choice. I have some in shaded areas and the seem to like it.
So that is my present dilema.
Next thing I am doing is putting down fertilizer. Everything needs feeding. The soil is depleted I have no doubt.Maybe that will help. Got me some Dairy Doo.
I am gradually filling in gaps with shrubs instead of plants. The plants do not seem to come up early enough for me and don't get big quick enough. I want flowering shrubs. Things that will grow quickly and maybe blossom. I may have to dig up a few things from other spots. Major work. Got to do it though. This year I have to do a lot of work out there. The way my body has been lately I don't know if I can. Take it slow and easy and stick with it. I guess that's how I do it.
 photo 20170501_193155_zpsgtxgqxrw.jpg
I bought that little bowl of succulents at the same time.
The stones, actually broken concrete blocks, that I moved out of the veggie area I piled up to make another wall. I really need some big stones. I don't have money to buy them and they are hard to find. Maybe next year I can get some blocks and make it better.
 photo 20170501_193506_zpsssocglch.jpg
My little bird house village. I will be collecting more to put up on top of the swing trellis.
 photo 20170501_193355_zps2kpjfjih.jpg
Then I started a new bottle tree. It is one I bought but the bottles were too heavy, so last year I didn't use it. Then I found a few small bottles and used those. I need about 3 more.
 photo 20170501_193336_zpsr5hfbjvt.jpg
It will look better when I am done with the cleaning out and weeding. So much to do. Slow and easy.............I must not get impatient.
I did get all my seeds. Just need for it to stop raining now. Sunshine is what I need. Not hot, just nice and warm.
The old fountain I moved and was going to put flowers in it. The thing is it holds water and so it won't drain. I put this ball on there instead for now to see how I like it
 photo 20170501_193331_zps0fcti9my.jpg
I still like the idea of flowers in it and maybe if I dont actually plant them but leave them in pots, I wonder if that would work.
I will shut up now, boring it has become.
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Lisa Isabella Russo said...

It looks like you have some great ideas!

Magic Love Crow said...

Janice, I know you have a lot to do, but it seems that you enjoy it! I know when I go outside, I have so much fun! I can play around outside for hours! I call it playing, even though it's a lot of work! Take it easy, as you said! Everything will work out!!!! Great post!!! Really enjoyed seeing everything and hearing about your ideas! Big Hugs!