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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Finishing up the front corner.....................

It has been so wet, yes it still is after a night of rain. It's been difficult to get out and work. I did manage for a short time today but it got so humid I didn't stay long. I did put up the rest of the fence that I had on hand yesterday. The poles that hold it together need banging down so it looks funny right now.
 photo 103_2379_zps0z8fvffx.jpg
 photo 103_2378_zpsuzqeeodr.jpg
This back end shows my collection of Butterfly's Milkweed. That is doing well this year. I am thinking that I need some shrubs up in that back corner. I was putting box wood back there so maybe I will just put in more of that.
 photo 103_2380_zpszeu0htkr.jpg
We trimmed up the pine trees along that side, it looked very bare at first. I think since things got trimmed things have taken off. I put wood chips down and I still have a lot of weeding to do but the ivy and wild flowers are doing well. We found this wagon abandoned in a field a long time ago. Right now it is growing its own collection of weeds.
 photo 103_2381_zpsbpx0eem0.jpg
I cleaned up my garden lady. She needs new hands (wooden spoons) and once it gets better outside I will paint the chair and fix her her good. She will be holding a plant when I am finished.
 photo 103_2376_zps7wkftgrr.jpg
 photo 103_2377_zpspbd0n2xz.jpg
I dug out several plants and put those along the fence line. In their place I put a new Day Lily and a couple of blue Salvia. I hope they do well. The plants I had in there grew well but flopped in the heat, so they will do better under the trees and as they spread they can enjoy life in their new place.
 photo 103_2393_zps1etr6xkw.jpg
Some of the Day Lilies are budding. This is the new one
 photo 103_2392_zpsqvodhjg6.jpg
This one was blooming
 photo 103_2390_zpskcywgsrq.jpg
Jason's roses from last years birthday are blooming. One is red and one is yellow but, the yellow one also has red blooms on it.
 photo 103_2400j_zpszxtkpnn9.jpg
one new rose that didn't seem to have taken has some shoots. Say what you will about rain, the garden sure likes it.
 photo 103_2389_zpsvqef6rng.jpg
The shrub I put in a barrel has thrived and is growing well now. I moved the other one out front and I think it may have survived. Hard to tell yet but I do like this with the red tips
 photo 103_2404_zpshgarxwsd.jpg
 photo 103_2403_zpscuq0hw0f.jpg
Last year the tea pot and the little house were on copper pipes but they fell off so this year they can sit on the small steps
 photo 103_2399k_zpsqv8qobno.jpg
This guy was happy that I did some digging
 photo 103_2386_zpsgku2r4yb.jpg
I think I got everything planted now. I still have weeding to do out front under the pines but the big stuff is done now. There is always work to do in the garden but now I am at the point I can take my time.
This is another ornament I refurbished. Its copper and had a glass ball that broke so I replaced it with a Christmas ornament.
 photo 103_2407_zpsdox8c1g1.jpg
I was checking out the veggies and some tomato have babies
 photo 103_2412_zpsoz4qkyp4.jpg
 photo 103_2411_zpsfushkvlq.jpg
I don't know who this cute little bugger is
 photo 103_2413j_zps5tw6lkrx.jpg
but hope hes not the one eating my stuff
 photo 103_2415_zpstztk98lb.jpg
Meanwhile the zucchini is flowering. last year they bloomed but didn't have fruit.
 photo 103_2414_zpsjraojbua.jpg
This is an extension on the veggie patch
 photo 103_2418_zpsgapojnr5.jpg
Well thats enough from we sit and wait for things to sprout. As long as it's not weeds.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Wow, Janice! I don't know how you keep up with everything!! Looking amazing girl!!