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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Day Lilies in Bloom..........

I do love my Day Lilies, they are beginning to bloom. I am impatient to see them but it also tells me that summer is waning before it's began. I think I would like to collect a few different ones.
 photo 20170701_142608k_zpsrhdfemkx.jpg
 photo 20170701_142625_zpszpbrkevu.jpg
Some of the lilies I have are short ones, some are tall single blooms and some are in groups. I like the groups because they flower longer
 photo 20170701_142714_zpsxuyvbnsu.jpg
 photo 20170701_143234_zpsbzfugmy0.jpg
 photo 20170701_143259_zpsec9xyvvu.jpg
I love this buttery pale yellow
 photo 20170701_143355_zpsppapapyk.jpg
I am waiting for the new one to bloom again and there are quite a few that are about to bloom.
Anyway, the roses are still going strong and the new one has at least got some shoots so I am anxious to see what it will be like when it does bloom. May not be this year.
 photo 20170701_143325_zps81go4amy.jpg
 photo 20170701_142705l_zps4cw4eypy.jpg
 photo 20170701_142700l_zpspdxhtbgg.jpg
 photo 20170701_142651l_zpss9k4eqc6.jpg
Quite a few things blooming at the moment. It's always a pity everything does not bloom at once and last all summer.
 photo 20170701_142736_zpsdxqqzs6x.jpg
Some annuals help fill in spots
 photo 20170701_143020_zps0mdstch7.jpg
 photo 20170701_143608k_zpsdcb2ar7r.jpg
Oh and my Gooseberry bush has fruit on it. Tiny fruit but hey, maybe as the bush grows who knows, maybe the berries will be bigger next year
 photo 20170701_142932_zpsbmrjtzzx.jpg
I think I may get another knockout rose to go in here, a red one.
 photo 20170701_143318_zps9fritmik.jpg
Some daisies are beginning to bloom. I Need more of those too. I will wait and see how they do this year and what comes back up.
 photo 20170701_143506_zpsazoz88gg.jpg
I am working on some beadwork, making some wind chimes for the garden. I hope to finish another one tomorrow but this one was done today
 photo 20170701_142419_zpse9dpfwmz.jpg
I have missed having pictures for my garden blog and now I am sure it will become boring with an over load of pictures.
 photo 20170621_183429_zps7fyegdgb.jpg
If it stops raining for a few days I should be able to finish up but every time I go out I see more to do, no rush now though so yeahhhhh I have all summer. I must begin to tackle the side yard. Hmmmmmm what to do there.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Love, Love, Love, Janice!! Truly beautiful!!!