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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Its nice to see a few things blooming at the same time. This is a part of the front garden.
 photo 20046796_10154462832806595_8137857866539075188_n_zpsudfokmhs.jpg
Day Lilies are the main stay, but the daisies are blooming too yahooooo.
 photo re_zpsvfxcotfg.jpg
 photo day_zpsgqcfp5ob.jpg
 photo spotge_zpsy2t1vmzf.jpg
 photo orse_zpsmsndyuoj.jpg
Today Gerry and Tristen got the stones down on the side garden by the porch so tomorrow I can get my beach stones. I will put pretty stones on top and collect some big ones if possible. I can put the Petoskey Stones and all my pretties. I will take pictures when we are done.
I have taken some pictures of the back garden and the grass needs cutting. Here are a few.
 photo 20170714_132843_zpsp8srkqoa.jpg
The pond is pretty too
 photo 20170714_132914_zpsdkctejlp.jpg
The purple bells that I have no name for are spreading but I am managing to keep them somewhat under control
 photo bell_zps2xmvyyyo.jpg
I bought a few extra plants that I can overwinter again. It worked well last year, they did well inside so I hope these will too.
 photo 20170714_133443_zpslwgqsghp.jpg
 photo 20170714_133451_zpsh6sqvdbu.jpg
 photo 20170714_133243_zpsmdc2krg6.jpg
I still need to get one more fence, maybe two so that I can get it around the corner. Then that corner will be easier to work on.
 photo 20170714_131852_zps9qxh2oxj.jpg
Its good to see every thing blooming
 photo 105_0045K_zps00cwwyy5.jpg
The Roses are done for now as we move towards the end of summer............yes, it's just started but you see that cycle moving along.
These look so cool before they bloom. I should learn or remember the names but well they are red and the Hummingbirds like them
 photo 105_0039K_zps6jffklws.jpg
 photo 105_0034K_zpsyaj8nvcm.jpg
Some of the things that spread I move into the side gardens that really don't have a lot in them, then if they flourish its OK.
 photo 105_0024K_zpszzbxu1ls.jpg
Bea Balm, I have 3 colours but this year they have been cut back somewhat, still not in full bloom yet. I love to go out with the camera and watch the Bees.
 photo 105_0022KL_zpsxomydgqp.jpg
Bessie always hangs out when I am in the garden, she loves to show off her climbing skills
 photo 20170714_132654_zpsscrq7ygr.jpg
Can you see her in this one?
 photo 20170714_132930_zpsn6roykdi.jpg
Boots just likes to sunbathe she is getting older now, she has to be about 11 I think.
 photo 20170714_133131_zps7zdf4nzk.jpg
I take pictures just about every day and it's hard to decide what to put here. I hate to repeat myself but anyway every day seems different.
That little metal stool has some great memories attached to it. We had it in bookkeeping when I worked at the bank, we used it to get into top drawers because we were all short.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Wow Janice! Everything looks amazing!! How do you keep it looking so good! You must be busy all the time! I find, even though we have had lots of rain, somethings aren't blooming. Weird? Love the story about the metal stool! Give the cats hugs from me!