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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Side yard.......................

We started work on the side garden. The seeds are sprouting and doing well. Now I can see where we need to put some more. We took down all the climbing vines from the porch originally so Gerry could work on the porch this year. Alas no money. So it will look a bit naked until its done. The next step is to put stones under the overhang where all the vines were pulled. Right now we just have the black tarp down. Gerry made is narrower than I would have done but I will work with that. We got some pea gravel. Right now just enough stones to hold the tarp down. It won't look like that when its all done
 photo 104_0014_zpsvcdnmwdm.jpg
 photo 104_0013_zpsk3jiyx2g.jpg
When the gravel is down and spread the next thing will be to put all the beach rocks that I have collected on the top. I will continue to bring home pretty and unusual stones and will have to start looking for BIG ones.
I am thinking of other ideas as well. I don't think I will put any flowers in this area because its shaded so much. I may end up putting some pots but not this year. For now it will be rocks.
So, the rest of the garden is doing OK. I have a few unusual things popping up here and there
 photo 104_0015a_zpsgc1qrunc.jpg
Mainly though right now it's the Lilies.
 photo 104_0018_zpswfhgvtob.jpg
 photo 104_0025_zpswga2unzc.jpg
 photo 104_0028_zpsdnibj6fq.jpg
The thing with the lilies is that they last for awhile and there are so many different kinds. So many colours and I hope to get more every year.
 photo k_zpsofigotnw.jpg
I noticed my Butterfly plant is blooming but I don't see the orange one. Just this yellow.
 photo 104_0022j_zpsrfztpa6g.jpg
 photo 104_0021_zpskop3yadx.jpg
The lady in the chair under the Pines has a new plant to hold.
 photo 104_0016_zpspvagrlad.jpg
My tomatoes have babies but the Zucchini is still flowering but not producing fruit. What's up with that. Same thing happened last time. I read that the male flowers bloom first and then the fruit producing ones later but I am not sure how that works.
 photo 104_0032_zps1dvwkwl7.jpg
I am going to feed the garden again and see if that helps. It may just be too soon.
Some of the daisies are blooming and I have some white ones but they are not as prolific as I would like. Again, I must get the plant food out there.
 photo 104_0031_zpsdm8vzxnh.jpg
The succulents have blooms.
 photo 104_0034_zpsjhssvb7p.jpg
The Astilbe is blooming but I don't get the big flowers I see in other gardens, is it the sun or the soil? A puzzle.
 photo 104_0030_zpsyjjnpjhn.jpg
The flowers are not that big, I have several plants that I moved last year so they can get more light and sun. We shall see if that helps.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Looking great Janice!!! I find fertilizing helps. It could be your soil is very acidy? It's hard to know, but I still think everything looks great! Big Hugs!