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Monday, July 3, 2017

July gardens.......................

Everything is blooming nicely. The new grass on the side is sprouting. I think it needs some time to get strong and deep roots. I think I will spread some more seed so that it really really grows nice, maybe a proper lawn. I just thought of it, I will weed carefully before and during its construction. Then put down the black stuff and get stones I think instead of mulch. Then I can get some nice big rocks to sit there. I do so love rocks.
 photo 20170703_170608_zpsgr96gdoc.jpg
I may just have ONE good lawn. Maybe.
Meanwhile, I made one more wind chime.
 photo 20170703_170053_zpskk7sneg3.jpg
Bessie climbed the tree for a better look
 photo 20170703_111601_zpsex3rvjgp.jpg
Meanwhile I rearranged my tea pot and cup and put a Drip between them.
 photo 20170703_111402_zpstigssfjw.jpg
 photo 20170703_111457_zps31loapt4.jpg
By the side of the road my Milk Weed is really flourishing this year and it smells divine.
 photo 20170703_111204_zpsudjhu9ij.jpg
 photo 20170703_111045_zpsrc5splyw.jpg
I have yet to see any activity. No butterfly except the white one that's always around. This little guy was hovering around
 photo 20170703_111116_zpswmi4oliz.jpg
A few other things are blooming, it's just that they all need to get more organized so they bloom together.
 photo 20170703_110858_zpsegbc4yuh.jpg
 photo 20170703_111946k_zpsa39b4x1a.jpg
 photo 20170703_112000_zpscbghzkih.jpg
 photo 20170703_111934_zps2csnqluc.jpg
That last one, will be little purple bells. I love them, but oh they are a pain. They spread like crazy and I fight them all year, they are worth it though.
This is another plant that is a pain in the butt.
 photo 20170703_112353_zps0fy3aj3m.jpg
This is the new Day Lily it's pretty isn't it.
 photo 20170703_170516_zpswmjhzeyn.jpg
The ivy is doing well too............all this rain.
 photo 20170703_112031_zpsowysls0r.jpg
The new sun catchers are looking pretty, I will make a few more and use up some of the beads. It's nice to have dwindled down my supply and I must resist getting more.
 photo 20170702_144010_zpslcqc5mqw.jpg
My naughty Brea is yelling at me
 photo 20170703_111751k_zpsgezqgizm.jpg
The garden changes daily, it's great this time of year, so much all the time unlike the winter months when there is just the birds and squirrels. No one is hanging around these days. Well there are always squirrels. I think the cats have chased off the Chipmunks. Anyway......all for today

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Magic Love Crow said...

Janice, your garden is purely magical! I really mean that! Big Hugs!