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Friday, July 28, 2017

Not my garden..........................

Today started with a real pretty sky, I went out around 6am......phew!!! yup and with eyes open too.
 photo 20170728_061308_zpsw7g0vktb.jpg
Sky brilliant pink and the pictures do not do it justice.
 photo 20170728_061214_zpszbvgfdxm.jpg
I had the kids today, I am babysitting for a friend. Ryland and Brodie, nice kids and I find if I do things with them then the days go quicker and they behave better. Then there is Cooper he is a handful. So about 10am it was still quite cool with a nice breeze so decided upon going to Central to the playground. Gabby and I took our coffee and let them loose.
 photo 20170728_110724_zpsgpkvl9ir.jpg
 photo 20170728_110618_zpsnqb821fy.jpg
Look at the sky, it was wonderful
 photo 20170728_110709_zpslu70subl.jpg
Anyway, Central school used to be the old high school at one time. Gerry went there for awhile. Tristen went there until he left us. I have spent time there often enough. They have a garden.
 photo 20170728_105525_zps04w55dej.jpg
Unfortunately it is long neglected now. Last couple of years it seems to have been forgotten and that's a shame. I would volunteer but cant keep up with my own. The Perennials try hard to flourish among the weeds that are slowly taking over and smothering things.
There were a few highlights though. The Queen Anne's Lace is a weed but it is so pretty, I am trying to grow it in my garden. I saw one pop through this year.
 photo queen anne_zps921sfe7s.jpg
It really is like lace.........another seems to be a wild geranium but I am not sure on that one. I didn't look close but would like some of that.
 photo pink_zpsrh9x95iv.jpg
There were also some Day lilies that were doing ok. Some quite pretty, I would love the yellow one.
 photo 20170728_110020_zpsdnuqdb9j.jpg
 photo PicMonkey Cdayyollage_zps7ij7kdaa.jpg
They have an herb garden and fruit but all now overgrown and wasted. Such a shame
 photo herbs_zpsu4941caw.jpg
yes this garden needs some TLC but I have no time. They did at least cut the grass so you can see there was a garden once.
 photo 20170728_105923_zps9al9uzns.jpg
 photo mix_zpsutdqlqmb.jpg
If it had a wall it could be the Secret Garden and maybe then it could be brought back to life and not look so forlorn and neglected. I enjoy going there, I wonder if anyone else does.......but now it's too sad looking. I wonder if someone will bring it back......I hope so.


Laura Rodriguz said...

Wonder why they have neglected the garden. That's a shame.

laurajane said...

Beautiful gardens

Magic Love Crow said...

That is really sad about the garden! I wonder why they aren't taking care of it?