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Friday, August 4, 2017

A certain nip is in the air.................

The mornings are darker, the evenings are shorter. There is a change in the air.
This summer has been hot and wet. Humid and horrible. I can not wait for Autumn but that sets us on a downward spiral to you know what.
The garden looks tired. I feel tired. We have hardly gone out this summer. I have not wanted to be outside, maybe that's always the case when it's hot and humid and why the garden never gets finished. This year I want to be sure to get cleaned up for Spring so that I don't have the mess come Spring. Another year checking out.
I had some nice Day Lilies come out this week.
 photo 20170803_143518_zpsejxrd69c.jpg
Arn't they nice? Then there is a beautiful deep red one out back.
 photo 105_0174_zpsz6rhmcyu.jpg
 photo 105_0172_zpsfdn5lovl.jpg
 photo 20170731_150654_zpsa6fvlsvr.jpg
They never fail me. If I were buying more plants this year I would get more Day Lilies or any other kind of Lily for that matter.
However, no more spending on the garden this year. I may indulge in a couple more fence pieces to finish off the corner but that would be it. I would like to get some more dairy doo that would help the front garden somewhat. The old fashioned Lilies are very pretty when you look at them.
 photo 20170731_150947_zpsrp1hkwkx.jpg
The Bee Balm is pretty but not as thick as other years. We have had a lot of rain. One would think that would help. I wish the red ones would do better.
 photo 20170731_150632_zpsznsct8zz.jpg
 photo 20170803_143658_zpsmvzn7vs2.jpg
The Poodles are enjoying the Poodle paths on the days it's not raining
 photo 20170731_180234_zpssxw6dgii.jpg
 photo 105_0180_zpsdvrazs64.jpg
 photo 20170803_143134_zpsc771tipy.jpg
It was worth taking the Geraniums inside last winter after all. They are outdoing the ones I bought.
 photo 20170803_143238_zpset7d61e1.jpg
The Gooseberry Bush has a lot of very tiny fruits on it. Hmmmm I wonder if they will get bigger as the bush ages?
 photo 20170731_180141_zpsv5xv4j9x.jpg
Autumn is time for the daisies to come, the yellow ones are just starting and have spread. One of the few things that has so far. The Fox Gloves did not do well this year. Just one stumpy one. Sigh!
 photo 20170803_143447_zpsodbvqmdg.jpg
None of the daisies lasted long my garden is always a disappointment it just has to be the light and soil, but I can't keep putting money into it.
The vegetable garden was promising but has not really bore much fruit. The tomatoes are OK but not prolific. The Squash is a no go. One rather nice Zucchini and that's it. Apparently the male flowers are not doing their job by pollinating the females and I aint doing it for them. So next year, not sure I will bother. What I have enjoyed is the Basil. That now has been awesome. I have been really enjoying that using fresh herbs. I am wondering about taking some in the house for winter. One thing I do know if we do get a new house eventually I want lots of light.
 photo 20170731_175659_zpskaajzsxe.jpg
Well, I hope next week is cooler. I would like to get some work done out there but now I am baby sitting it will be difficult to get outside. Never mind it will wait for me the weeds wont run away and I still have to place my stones on the side. Next week...............right, next week. I will do it next week


Merlesworld said...

One year the veggies do the next no so .
We could do with some of your rain very dry here but we are coming into spring in a month or two .
Do like the day lilies very colourful.

Magic Love Crow said...

It's weird, this year, somethings for me have done well and other's have not! Maybe too much rain? You are right, there is change in the air! Love your photos! Janice, I will e-mail soon! Hopefully by the weekend! Big Hugs!