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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cats in the garden and ........................

I am not at all happy with my cats.
Here is the "Murder moggy" napping on the deck........
 photo 105_0308_zpsp4wvtr5d.jpg
......and miss "Nasty Knickers" plotting on the lawn.
 photo 105_0310k_zpsrzb9ahvt.jpg
I can't remember if I told this already, but Bessie is being a really really bad puddy tat..........this I do not like about cats, killing for fun. She is not hungry, its just not justified. That is their instinct, yes I know all that but do not have to like it. So one day last week (I think) she brought in a baby bunny, still alive but just about gone. I took it from her and made it as comfortable as I could and buried it in my garden. I was sad.
Then this past week I ran after her and took a bird away from her. That I was able to revive and was set free when it recovered. I hope it has a long and healthy life. A little purple finch.
Today it was a chipmunk left on the door step. Not sure who did that one, could be either one. This winter I will try to keep them inside and retrain them. It's hard to do that because they go out when the dogs go out. They were both outside cats when I rescued them. My previous cats stayed in the house and that created other problems.
Well, still no activity in the garden, too hot, too humid or too wet.
 photo 105_0307_zpsswpyfjzn.jpg
The Mountain Ash is full of berries, see the sneaky Robin taste testing? That's what Boots AKA Nasty Knickers is watching.
 photo 105_0311l_zpsqp1hyzdt.jpg
Here she is greating Bodi as she strolls back into the house
 photo 105_0306l_zpsbqdpl6pe.jpg
The Blue Jay was cautious but wanted some food so took the chance with Bessie the murdering moggy snoozing on the chair.
 photo 105_0304i_zpsszfbpjqn.jpg
 photo 105_0302_zpsmzofwksd.jpg
 photo 105_0300k_zpsmyaa0enj.jpg
Here are a few garden pictures from today.
 photo 105_0316k_zpslru6ijdy.jpg
The yellow daisies are out and have spread a little, that's good. I will have to let them spread and pull other stuff, I like it when something flourishes.
 photo 105_0320_zpsjuq3fag0.jpg
Tiger Lilies on the other hand will be pulled from the garden and allowed on the outside edges.
 photo 105_0318l_zpsqbem0quv.jpg
I have taken this into the house every year the past 3 years. It does well when its wintered over. It had about died back last year and I thought it was done for
 photo 105_0314kl_zpswmdwaqt1.jpg
 photo 105_0313k_zpsnuopm2mt.jpg
Most of the summer flowers are done now, they need either cutting down or pulling. I see some buds on the Mums. I may pick up a couple more seeing as how the ones I have now have survived. The other Fall staple is the Michaelmas Daisy, Asters. I have a job keeping those and they have thrived in just a couple of places so, I might pick up a couple more. I don't know, I really don't want to put too much more into the garden.
 photo 105_0309l_zpsyjszelw7.jpg
I will for sure take in the Geraniums again. They did better than the ones I bought this year. So much more in the way of flowers. I will try to Winter over a few things I had about given up on that idea. I sure want to try to save the Basil and Rosemary. I have used both of those a lot. While my veggie garden has not done that well, the tomatoes are giving me a few now and then. Everything else was not worth the effort. In fact they did better last year. I will have to rethink it all next year. I have no idea why my bloody Zucchini is not growing veggies, who can't grow Zucchini????? everyone grows it. Mine decided not to pollinate and so far I have ONE zucchini from it.
 photo 105_0319_zpsrmjyqflv.jpg
Another quandary was my Hydrangea, the new ones I bought all died. My ones I already had did Ok. I don't know what killed them. So all in all I did loose a few things that I really cant afford to loose. Maybe this Fall I can replace them if there are some good sales. Meanwhile.............on kitty patrol making sure they behave themselves best I can.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Make it easy on yourself with your gardening! I know for myself, a lot died too! I really think it was because of the rain! I'm cleaning things up, thinking I should be buying some more plants, but I think I will buy some more rocks instead! LOL! Loving all your pictures! I have to admit Janice, I do not like cats outside, just for the
reason you are talking about! Big Hugs!