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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Bees are Buzy..................

I had a walk around the garden today. What a mess........not a lot of hope for improvement at this point. The Asters look great though and the bees are very buzy.
 photo f3ed5306-4377-4090-a376-51fcc385ef45_zpsbf0baafa.jpg
 photo 64be967a-b53e-4f9e-9f52-6357085372cd_zpscdd08ae8.jpg
 photo b4de177a-346e-4694-871b-56228a290ab6_zps1f786f63.jpg
Trying to get close ups is difficult. The little buggers wont sit still
 photo c11449bf-b6e0-41ce-b449-6da710b9d88f_zpsd96ee622.jpg
There were several kinds of bees all buzzing around me. Bees do not sting unless they have a reason. Nothing to be afraid of.
 photo 6effbd8d-3bde-4cfa-82fc-5b03bf6c3b7e_zpse95698da.jpg
 photo 339c8408-9774-462d-b0c8-a4945bc72563_zpsedb6da8f.jpg
The Asters or Michaelmas Daisies are so pretty this year. The white ones almost done, and the pink ones are not full yet, the others have been in a lot longer and spread so well. I love it. Fall colour. Wonderful
 photo cafd0701-b3ae-4a80-8775-fc9c06c25707_zpsdb079a04.jpg
The Holly has loads of berries, so does the Mountain Ash..........oooh I sure hope that wont mean a hard winter. Actually I dont mind a hard winter if its a short one.
 photo d90d2ac4-47bd-4ff5-bcf1-6a709e3d6e0e_zps63bdc1ab.jpg
 photo ff5a9dfe-ffc7-4b5f-b921-79421debed43_zpsb73da3a4.jpg
The white ones are a little over the hill
 photo 3edc5c13-25d0-45dc-a9b3-14047730a5b6_zps40d88eda.jpg
Out front the bees were happy as well, they seemed to just love the sunshine. I suppose they know it will be short lived. We can get snow any time now in Michigan, I just hope not for awhile. Frost tonight again......
 photo 44afbb9b-667b-4487-88d0-6a03baa836b4_zps77ea8f5a.jpg
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Craftymoose Crafts said...

Your flowers are still looking lovely! We've had some pretty cold nights here in NY already, too, but I hope any snow holds off for several more months!

Magic Love Crow said...

Amazing photos as always Janice! Love them!! We have had some frosty nights too! Hopefully no snow till November. Our trees have lots of berries too! Take Care ;o)