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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

fixing the roof.............

I now know why I never got time to work on the front garden. What a waste that would have been. My husband decided to fix the roof. It had to be done before winter but........well, you know how it is when men work. Or maybe its just mine.........the garden was trashed by falling shingles and a not so helpful child.
 photo 14251850-84b9-4ee6-a5de-fa80da015265_zpsce1b50cd.jpg
Not sure who made the most mess. Here is Gerry on the roof. photo b1b89bab-ef92-47f4-88b8-8bf4ab110e00_zps466d9097.jpg

Tristen wanted to go up there so bad, and I caught him half way up the ladder once. He didn't try it again. Not as far as I know anyway. Naturally I couldn't get much done as I had to keep looking out the window. He did not seem capable of following instructions. Well he is only 4 but still............never trust a child. So I caught him emptying stuff out of the tool kit, he fancies himself a carpenter
 photo 0201faf1-d71f-4194-ad07-cf40e439751a_zps59e15356.jpg
You can see they are making a right mess of things.......
 photo 36bce654-1fc1-49cb-a551-03f7c5a05fa9_zpsf339d94e.jpg
.....and Tristen is enjoying it
Notice all the shingles all over the glad I didn't get around to working there before now.
 photo 3ee61799-a6cf-4501-9851-90801a841d31_zpse20765bb.jpg
Yeah, between the two of them they pretty much made one heck of a mess. Ah well, never mind...........Maybe we will still get some nice weather. At least its cooler now. The garden itself is a big mess anyway. Might be just better to wait for Spring.
 photo 65ad2992-e773-40a6-b40d-7b460b05e481_zps9652a625.jpg
At least the rain wont come in next time it rains. Sigh!!!!
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Merlesworld said...

No it's not just your man they all create a mess when they fix things around the house, well all the ones I know do.

Magic Love Crow said...

I think Tristen and Gerry work well together! LOL! I hope the roof is fixed now! If the weather is nice, do a little gardening, so you won't have to do much next year ;o) Hugs ;o)

Rose Hascall said...

I vote to let it go till spring. The drought made a mess of my garden. I am going to let it go and hope for a better one next summer.

Adolfo Zunino said...

Way to go on fixing your roof! Your kids seem to work well together, and they look too cute when they are trying, hehe! It's actually nice to see that you are exerting effort in restoring your roof before unfavorable weather sets in. Just keep with routine checkups to maintain your roof's quality.

Adolfo Zunino @ Presto Roofs