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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pretty Butterfly at the beach..........

We went out for the day with Tristen, taking him for a hike and to the beach. I will show more about that in another post. Meanwhile one of the beauties I found was a yellow butterfly. There were several flitting about. Mating I believe. Hmmmmmm. Well this one was a Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly.

They do not seem to be as frightened of people as most do. They certainly got on with business and let me get some close ups.


They will often land on you if you stand still. Most that I have tried to photograph will just fly off when I try to get close. Although I must say the little ones we have had around the garden lately have been kind enough to pose.


A couple of views from Empire beach. It was a hazy day, it often is when it's hot. This is Sleeping Bear Dune

Here is the other direction, Empire Bluffs.

A wonderful place for kids to play, that's for sure. Tristen loves throwing rocks into the water. I am sure all little boys do.


Anyway we all had a pleasant day and I will show more in my Bluebell Woods blog.

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