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Thursday, May 3, 2012


I have been fascinated by the blossoms on my Crab apple tree this year. If anyone thinks bee's are on the way out will be reassured by the number busy on my blossoms. The butterfly's are back too. All good news. Last year I saw none. The blossoms have been really beautiful. Both sides of the tree are blooming together. The natural tree is white blossom. The grafted on Crab Apple is pink. So its looking really pretty right now.

The pink is so vibrant. Its been raining this week so these will probably be the last pictures of the blossom for this year but I did take a lot of them.


The white is so ethereal


I get this amazing feeling standing under the tree with all those busy little workers collecting the pollen and humming and buzzing around my head. They wont hurt me, I know that and trust them. I just adore the bigger fuzzy Bumble Bee's and imagine fairies riding around on their backs.


The tree looks amazing from the road but I have not taken a picture of that where both sides show. This one is pretty though


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Hitchhiker42 said...

That crab apple is great! I used to live in Sonoma County in California and around the town of Sebastopol there are apple orchards. In spring, sometimes the wild mustard coordinates with the apple orchards and everything blooms together. There is a carpet of riotous yellow flowers underneath a profusion of pink Gravenstein apple blossoms. It's really amazing.