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Sunday, May 6, 2012


The Lilac is about to bloom. The smell is divine. I have white lilac and also pink. Not really great bushes but enough to give me a taste of it. I can not have it in the house because its overwhelming but love the smell in the garden.
This is the pink from a distance.


The white is not quite popped out yet. The pink is a bigger bush than the white ones. They are not that strong just yet. I prune them back each year in the hope of reviving them. It seems to be working somewhat.


There seem to be a lot of blossoms this year. I would like to see them thicken up though.
I love the way you see lilac out in the countryside. Where ever there were old farms even if they are long gone, you see huge lilac bushes. My dad had one in his garden and it was nice and thick. Those are old bushes when they are like that and a wonderful place for birds to nest.



A Song of the Lilac

Above the wall that's broken,
And from the coppice thinned,
So sacred and so sweet
The lilac in the wind!
And when by night the May wind blows
The lilac-blooms apart,
The memory of his first love
Is shaken on his heart.

In tears it long was buried,
And trances wrapt it round;
O how they wake it now,
The fragrance and the sound!
For when by night the May wind blows
The lilac-blooms apart,
The memory of his first love
Is shaken on his heart.

Louise Imogen Guiney 1861 - 1920

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