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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cool day in May........


I am getting more butterfly's this year already. There are several of this type hanging around. I think all the blossoms have brought them in again. I have not seen Monarch's yet. So far three different types, but only got a picture of this one so far. I like how it has posed for me though. Looks like a ribbon in the angels hair.

Here with St Francis she sat on his hand with the little stone bird. How cute if that.


Meanwhile, the Blue Jays are waking me up with their noisy brood, looking for food at 4am. Can't she keep her kids in bed a bit later than that.


Such a beautiful bird, but soooooooo noisy.


In the front garden my Azalia is blooming. The white is beautiful, so etherial. The peach is pretty too. I must get a few more now I know they will thrive. Mine are still very small but are getting stronger.






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