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Friday, April 27, 2012

Ode to May........

May...It's here, It's here

That lovely time of year.

Heavy laden boughs that bloom

It's time to sweep away the gloom.

Love is sweet and in the air

Birds are nesting everywhere

Smell the Lilacs heady perfume

Blossoms brighten up the room

New life swells within each form

Nature replenishes with each baby born

See the gangly fawn with spotted coat

Rabbit, Chipmunk, Fox and Stoat.

Woodlands reflect a sky so blue

Forest floor is an Azure hue.

Bluebells dip their lovely bells

To the earth where new life swells

May Day maidens shine with pride

As they stand at the May Queens side.

Flowers, flowers everywhere

Decorate each Maidens hair

May poles on each village green

Morris dancers skip and preen

Ending up a fun filled day

In the Merry month of May
JKS April 2012.

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Hitchhiker42 said...

You know, I think Morris Dancers are awesome. They don't get enough credit. I used to really enjoy seeing them perform at the Dickens Christmas Faire in San Francisco. I'm told that in England it's "uncool" to do. That's too bad. In Ireland, people have a lot of respect for the traditional dancing here. I think it's really important for people to embrace their culture & heritage.