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Monday, April 16, 2012

Poodle Pathways.....................

We do try to keep our garden pet friendly. In our case Poodle friendly. When we had our tiny toy poodle named Bridget we had installed pathways through the flower beds so she could hold court. Bridget was of the opinion that the world revolved around her. It pretty much did in her short life time. She loved people. When Bud would come home next door she would go to the fence and greet him or anyone else who happened to visit him. So we put in a pathway with a stone for her to stand on. On the road side of the house another trail went to the fence. I was also watching my nieces kids at the time and they too would like to go through the flowers behind the bush and back on the small trail. Bridget was killed one day in a freak accident, it was heartbreaking and shocking......well we now have 4 poodles and two are small ones who also love attention, nothing like Bridget but still..........they do love to think the world revolves around them. Must be something to do with the size. One can not help but ooh and ahhh over such cuteness.
Now we also have Tristen, and he just wanders where he feels like it. I decided to put back the poodle paths. Well today Brea found the first one, you could see her make a bee line for it and it was as if she called her sister over. They both stood on it as though it was the best thing in the world.

The pathway will not be quite so obvious once the flowers are growing up. It sort of fades so they can hide out back there and spy on us hehe.............a few more pictures of the poodles while I am at it. The two in the above picture are Brea (the darker one) and Bella. The one below is Brea who was hiding behind the swing looking innocent. She was checking out the new mulch that I had put down. Isn't she cute?


This is Bodicea or Bodi as we call her. She is our plus size model (shhhhhhh) she is sensitive about this. She is so cute and such a good girl. Tristen loves her because he can hug her and we have to keep him away from the others. After Bridgets untimely death we keep small children away from them.
Then our goofy poodle is Bijou. She is a beauty too but such a screwball. She is high strung and nervous. We got Brea and Bella from the same breeder as Bijou. We loved the personality. We didn't intend on getting two when we got them but the breeder brought two to show us. Could not decide so well, we ended up with them both.


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