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Thursday, May 30, 2013

close ups.........

I do so love getting close up shots. Its amazing what details lie within a flower. I took Tristen for a stroll up the ally. I took pictures of things I found beautiful
These tulips growing in Bud's garden. Lovely colour
 photo aee13ddc-3dca-4c48-b6ae-64a6acbe98e5_zps0f1e361f.jpg
No idea what this is but at first I thought it was a Tillium but its not
 photo 9a8ed0bb-81d7-43fa-9659-d15cdb348303_zps2897061a.jpg
Beautiful colour this Iris........
 photo c6b104f5-29db-41fa-b702-e407f19584c9_zps21b733df.jpg
The money plant has a lovely colour
 photo 4f96769f-515f-488c-ab18-263e43ed9854_zps0570b338.jpg
The close up on this begonia brings the colour out perfectly
 photo 4a026fe3-1612-451b-a863-16049d756ef0_zps068f1e64.jpg
Along the ally is a horse barn, back from the days when horses were kept in town. When we moved into this house we were told the old lady had the windows in the sitting room cut down short so she didnt have to look out on the horse mess outside. Its nice to see some of the barns still intact
 photo ffb3ab53-ecb8-4b95-8c6e-4f29e9798768_zpsd809821f.jpg
The blossoms are beautiful
 photo 727ad748-bd6d-437b-81c8-efe107c925a5_zps3dfb210f.jpg
 photo 36d9f193-2a7c-475e-ae2a-5a383713a80c_zpsf0f9bbe2.jpg
There are many beautiful things in the gardens along the ally. I will have to go again another day.
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Magic Love Crow said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!! Love them ;o)

Mama Zen said...

Gorgeous pictures!