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Thursday, June 6, 2013

A walk up the ally......

Tristen has been trying to learn to ride his bike. Its sort of difficult to do that in the back garden. He had a new tricycle last winter but it was too tough for him to learn on. So, as we still had an old trike that was Lydia's he learned with that. I took him up the ally one day and he had fun with that. So yesterday I took him again. Here are some pictures........I took them while he was riding back and forth.
 photo 90fb8680-374c-4f9f-865b-a6e907bfe078_zpsd509483c.jpg
He loves riding out there where he can get it going and feel he is going somewhere. Hard to do in the garden.
This was taken across the ally from me............we called it London Pride not sure what the real name is?
 photo e93edbcc-9830-4e62-8be8-9eb021e6415c_zps997fcfce.jpg
More pictures of the old horse barn at the other end of the ally
 photo d043e47d-d80c-4225-828c-0be696016d7b_zps78269183.jpg
 photo e113991e-4385-45f0-9b40-4f821916d46a_zps28d6c095.jpg
One home down there had lovely lilac and it smells divine.
 photo dc64ce20-d084-4cc8-adb2-35935b624865_zps7d906825.jpg
 photo a5c7f7c8-b38a-406b-b1c8-3e49c4f7699b_zps251685d7.jpg
The ally is usually full sun and so the Iris are blooming, where as in my garden they are still in bud.
 photo 814b2aac-f3ea-4408-a1ce-9d092d96562b_zps0a621d43.jpg
 photo 6c86fd63-25c5-4e1d-8fb0-cc4935242103_zpsd617bae3.jpg
I love looking at the flower close up, the details are wonderful. The center of a flower has directions for the bee's to get to the pollen. In the case of the Iris its plain enough, a fuzzy landing strip. On this next flower the stamens are so bright they cant be missed.
 photo c35a0961-0bdb-40d6-919b-548d69c90c8b_zpsc7cf24ad.jpg
 photo 4b0f4c6c-d24d-4785-9188-9c66470a5e10_zpsa5b160cd.jpg

So as we went up the ally, I had to carry his trike over the grass to the front path back to the house........then we turned around and went back the way we had come. I knew he would insist.
 photo 532515d6-09c4-46e6-b81e-52045582eda2_zps33a4548f.jpg
That afternoon we got the other trike out and he rode that for the first time. I let him out on the drive way to practice. He did it so that evening he showed Grandpa Dan his accomplishment and Dan took him back up the front path to practice.
 photo 9b08917e-30e4-45e8-aab5-074132ed98ad_zps8b2b5955.jpg

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Magic Love Crow said...

Tristen is so cute!!! Your photos are so beautiful!! I can smell the flowers! I love the old horse barn! Everything looks lovely!!