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Monday, June 24, 2013

Tristen in the garden..........

It was so hot and muggy today and Tristen wanted to play outside. Yeuk!!!!. Well outside he went.
 photo 57df9183-c6b0-401f-984b-0ff0d575479f_zps58dfb8ba.jpg
It was not very long before he went to his room and came down in his swim suit. What could I say. He already turned the sprinkler on and was having a great time.
 photo c681affc-d5c9-45c8-a9b3-5221755e9bb0_zpsbcce817d.jpg
Nothing like a boy and a hose,
 photo ad30c801-b67f-4f04-aada-c64b116a53d5_zpsfe1b2093.jpg
 photo e444464e-26b4-4afa-b5fa-de5d754ac3c7_zps14932938.jpg
 photo e619725e-77cc-4f10-8653-c361fd1f4adf_zps7d5e0636.jpg
He enjoyed most of the day outside, playing with his trucks. He came in and got dressed, in a new set of clothes. Then decided to go out again. We eventually got through 3 sets of clothes and some PJ's before bed time. the rest of the garden......a few more things opened today.
 photo 174fa40c-eaaf-4147-9821-7aa0061ee8de_zpscfd58802.jpg
The daisies are about to open, the smaller daisies are already open. This was by the pond
 photo cc17c784-e1b2-4a58-be44-01bb1f92f9de_zps92885edd.jpg
 photo b6eacfea-0eb1-4e54-938c-a0a4f221702c_zps6a5949a5.jpg
The garden by the deck where I have the bird feeders.
 photo ef495780-3115-4208-9b29-34c21adfde14_zpsdb7eb0fd.jpg
The path from the deck to garage/shed, Tristen has a "car park" up the back by the garage, he is unpacking his stuff back there.......getting out his bikes and fire engine
 photo d32f47a6-2b34-404c-8659-33be6f8c65ce_zps56744681.jpg
Everything is filling out and lush. A few close ups of the flowers today
 photo 0d654cb4-97e9-430a-80f6-ebb8111f2495_zps4ad95d3e.jpg
The Lavender is beautiful
 photo 56a35d07-b881-4f8e-9968-c4c1f35e7491_zps3c501109.jpg
 photo db5f52f1-21b8-4460-894c-d21d263ec88b_zpsce501ea8.jpg
 photo f92405c6-b126-4e05-95fb-32704f5e7bd4_zps016e8dc6.jpg

This is Sage, isn't she lovely with silver leaves and beautiful smell?
 photo ce47a5d6-680f-4174-b313-6929c531fb67_zps28c44972.jpg
Carnation....smells heady and sweet
 photo fb2f9806-2b6d-4c3e-b520-449ad33523e4_zps0a6b2430.jpg

Some more flowers from today
 photo 1106ba6e-fa13-47d1-9791-dc931af2c73f_zps632cac83.jpg

 photo 6a8da8c3-e5f1-4d57-9eed-c55ea09f4d68_zpsd8d6f6de.jpg
My Clematis is spindly still. I have three of them. All at least a couple to three years. They are not at all sturdy and I wonder how long before they get strong. One has a bloom.

 photo ddef64ca-0fdf-40f5-a80f-3bd7b25392b8_zps25837673.jpg
Another Iris is blooming, its not as full as the others. I hope it will be soon. It's beautiful and a pale colour rather than the vivid purple of the others.

 photo 81806c89-a5fe-49c8-bdd5-cf699e89eef2_zps873c9766.jpg

 photo c114df4c-be3f-407d-96cd-1c92bf6983bd_zpsb473733d.jpg
The yellow daisies are blooming. The flowers are lovely but they are so spindly and a pest but I have to keep some I will try pinching them down next year and keeping them small. Maybe I can train them to not get as tall.

 photo 97f75aab-cf89-4e31-989f-9cbc33253c9e_zpseb1f5012.jpg

 photo 300b7e52-a173-4406-8dc0-2a9ed0bfa758_zpsfae47dc5.jpg

 photo d5cd1ef1-9ee7-4dcb-8fb5-040c0bb6d559_zpsafea64ff.jpg

This flower comes on the ground cover, its rather like Queens Ann's lace

 photo 5b59a3ae-c4ea-4348-8242-b27a2501f692_zps4051f066.jpg
 photo a40e5a72-4ee8-446c-903d-d02298bd071d_zps6def3910.jpg

Oh I could go on and on but will stop at that for now.
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Magic Love Crow said...

Oh, I LOVE your garden pictures! So beautiful!! Everything is looking amazing!! Good for Tristen playing in the water ;o) I would have been with him! LOL! Take Care Janice ;o)

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I love your boy and water photos! Nothing better.
Tell me, what is the yellow flower? I have just ONE in my garden! (I didn't put it there!)
Thanks for playing on Tuesday!
I've lived here nearly 3 years, it's a mystery!
Cheers from Cottage Country!