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Monday, June 17, 2013

June garden............

The weather has been cool and so the garden does well. The flowers are all late but they thrive. I have taken a lot of pictures. The Deadly Nightshade is doing very well. I don't yet have the heart to destroy it, it's so pretty
 photo 68faa6cb-49ef-4b4b-8ce5-3c6347bb458e_zps5d95adae.jpg
The Honeysuckle next to it is still growing as is a Trumpet Vine but neither one are ready to take over.
Well this is the front path to the house. I am still working on the gardens out there.
 photo e87f54fd-a8c8-4aab-8826-72989dd47730_zps4f7601ad.jpg
The Geraniums are doing well too even though there is not a lot of sun of late. I liked this picture.
 photo 33bbcb01-d4a8-44cf-882c-0ec1f9985dc5_zps7aac86f8.jpg
I put in a new Lily. I like it's paleness. When it first opened it was darker but the new flowers are pale again. I don't know if they will bloom again this year, the others in the garden have not bloomed yet
 photo 7dc07b1a-9fc0-45a2-9ed3-5ac27eb0fb35_zps4b681734.jpg
In the corner where we pulled out all the shrubs I am growing some Lavender in the big blue pot. Its doing so well too. I have that climbing Hydrangea and I still don't know where I want to plant it. I have found and planted some Garlic Chives in a pot and also a Cilantro. We shall see how they do in pots. I have previously planted herbs in the garden and they grow like weeds and take over. I am still pulling mint that was planted Donkey's years ago. Well as soon as I get some more pots the remaining plants will be pulled and potted. Laura wants some and I want to keep some but not in the garden. I did have some Sage but I planted it in its pot in the garden. That's doing well.
 photo d73755b6-117d-4f40-bc80-506007540666_zpsfce09f2f.jpg
Under the Pine trees out front the Azaelia is thriving and thats where I put the pink lily. I also put one of my several old ploughs there. I think it complements them.

 photo ee44e12b-e387-461d-be12-247db7078df9_zps2469c2a0.jpg
Along the side of the front path I have a path through the Pines to the side by the road. In that small garden I have roses. They have not done well but have come back again so will see how they do this year
 photo 115_0209_zpse46b2e53.jpg
The back garden is flourishing even with the dogs, cat and kids to do it in. It's a challenge. This is the path from garage/shed to the deck and back door.
 photo d27149f4-d803-4ccd-9a49-ac2b3d70ea19_zps12d55004.jpg
Looking to the patio area from the garage/shed.
 photo 5f2ab822-7246-4513-9592-dd721fd6dabf_zpsb9b01355.jpg
This is the garden behind the pond, looking to the patio and across to Buds house.
 photo 1c3c1760-b112-4714-b923-dc92bc714479_zpsb160094b.jpg
Coal skuttles are very useful. This one has some nettles in it and the other some Petunias.

 photo bf73df53-48bb-4d0b-8a3d-c25ab9d89043_zpsf544c2d9.jpg
Here is the other one with the Petunias and in the background you see an old cigarette stand with a plate on it to use for water for the birds and bees
 photo 9a52b037-0af4-459d-9e4e-d99674150d27_zps543375cc.jpg
There is much more to see but this is all for now. Enjoy my garden

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Magic Love Crow said...

I love the walk around your garden!!!! Wow! You have a big garden! Lots of beauty and fun! You can never get rid of mint!!!! I planted mom's under our evergreen last year! It's growing all over the place! The squirrels are having fun with it! Cleaning their teeth! LOL!