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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Central Grade School.........

When we took the kids out the other day we took them to play at Central (grade school) that is just around the corner from me. Well come to find out they have a lovely garden there. So we had a nose around. are some of their lovely flowers. I must find out more from the teachers there, who and why and all that. Its very well tended and has some vegetables growing, and strawberries as well as the lovely flowers.This is Allium.
 photo 47d84bfd-b6f7-4701-8fa1-e084624ef253_zps2a4e65f5.jpg
 photo 125a2b0f-ec4c-4210-bb63-c54dd5264010_zps6e22601c.jpg
 photo c9c8c226-2e56-44ff-96bf-7ec83654be41_zpsb04ee25e.jpg
There were some lovely Dutch Iris. I have them in my garden, I love them, actually more so than regular Iris
 photo d7305e6e-107a-43a7-8650-b1910d880173_zps92daafea.jpg
 photo 66e6e10c-4b1b-43c6-bc91-67af1c9b64e8_zpsad62a620.jpg
I dont know what this is, but this is a close up
 photo f34f8cda-93f5-43ee-a3bb-5e37174d11ef_zpsf2103d7a.jpg
I think these are Lambs ears but not sure
 photo 8bfcb976-8d24-4660-82b3-c4e475c4f2d3_zpsd59a71aa.jpg

This is Laura and El Chubso (Cooper)

 photo e841d4ef-d70f-4e51-88e9-bc1d88d1b0c0_zpsc3680aec.jpg

Also a pretty Iris
 photo ed54ee61-e433-4023-9c24-3eb42cce5cc8_zpsaf2abd88.jpg

Some pictures of a few gardens on the way from my house to the school
 photo 219708fc-2a12-4dba-af33-ea8a8ba9d411_zpse9dfb1f8.jpg

 photo 5790afe7-5d99-497b-b760-0ce3a593c5d1_zpsf6ad0896.jpg

 photo d4896776-3555-41d7-b212-3ecfc7961949_zps968329f7.jpg

 photo f9dbdbb9-671a-4465-92d6-41bf5b9c4749_zps5522c21a.jpg
I love looking at other peoples gardens
 photo b5861df2-3f52-4f60-a28a-1aabd2757ae1_zps0d9e299f.jpg

I could post pictures forever there were so many pretty gardens on just 1/2 block. More another day perhaps.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Gorgeous garden pictures!! Love them so much!! What a cute picture of Laura and Cooper ;o)