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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Iris are out..........

My Dad used to call them Flags. We call them Iris, I love them because they remind me of Dad. I wish I could grow Peonies. He had some lovely ones in his gardens. I may just have to try one but never before has one grown for me. So, for now I will be happy seeing my Iris spreading and flourishing. The man across the back ally has a whole garden full of them for some reason. I want to get some new colours as they grow so well for me.
 photo e0c55a86-c4fb-430d-bb5b-7ce6e237e3ff_zps6c679f23.jpg
There is an Iris farm not too far from here, along M72 going towards Empire. The only thing about that is you have to wait. I prefer to get my stuff now when I want to plant it. I did buy a white Iris this year but its not going to do anything now until next year. These next ones are doing really well this year.
 photo 8be97f6e-2e02-4b51-82d0-d27b5180d05e_zps54ca0639.jpg
 photo c2ac5154-afb2-41db-a8ad-bf22fd7cd0d8_zps152176c7.jpg
I am never sure if I love the amber one or not. Sometimes it looks dull but then again its so pretty in the sun
 photo aafa168b-c4af-4584-b608-f0b91351ae1a_zps47d4f6ae.jpg
I am never sure what will come up and where. I know I have some pale lavender ones. I saw one out back and it really needs to be moved because its very lanky. Not enough sun, so when its done I will move it. The next two are the neighbours. I must get a yellow one like this, now that one I do love

 photo 5378c0c3-bd71-4dce-8fdb-00f82bb9ff19_zps91ab0fd8.jpg
The white is very pretty and I hope it does well and spreads
 photo ca4cb851-01aa-46cf-9bfb-8a478cfc569f_zps50aad41e.jpg
Then I have my water Iris. She is doing very well and has doubled in size since last year. I may try for a purple one when we go out to the Water Garden this year.
 photo 212d2358-21df-4b53-b97c-62048a40b53a_zpsa59f4dde.jpg
So for now those are my Iris and a few of the neighbours. I will see if he sells them, that would save me some research.


Rose Hascall said...

Beautiful. Love your photos.

Merlesworld said...

What wonderful colours.

Magic Love Crow said...

What beautiful flowers! Love all the colors!!!

EmmaK said...

I do love irises so much but there is also something melancholy about them,morbid even when they go brown and start wilting. I do love painting them though!