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Saturday, June 29, 2013

End of June..................

It has been a cooler June than normal and we have had some rain. My garden is lush and things are growing well. Normally my Roses are not blooming but this year are doing well at the moment. I had two that died because of the harsh winter. One is coming back from its root so there is hope that it will have time to recover.
I take pictures practically every day. Here are some recent ones.

 photo 7c179da6-c9d8-42c1-b8bc-9cacea0f7906_zpsd839eeb4.jpg
There are some bright colours but they all seem to bloom at a different time. Maybe my memory plays tricks on me but I recall my Dad's garden was always in bloom.

 photo mixjpg_zpsd2d637b1.jpg
Everything was bright today after the rain. I love to capture flowers with raindrops on them. Then enlarge the picture to focus on the water drop. I found Boots the cat sleeping in the garden chair.

 photo 7c85f897-97df-4775-a756-291426f37e79_zps3856cefd.jpg
The front porch has bowls of flowers on them. Geraniums. I have put the ones out that wintered over in the house. They are doing OK and are about to bloom
 photo 9f3a8564-cf99-403b-ab27-0610662f43a0_zps7f254025.jpg
I dont know the name of the yellow flowers??? but they spread like crazy. They don't like the heat too much, and prefer the shade. The sedum had lovely flowers and I like it because it spreads. I like anything that spreads.
 photo 49985498-6e7c-42a1-8d72-c86186b92d48_zps4aee5594.jpg
My Clematis is not doing so good. I have 3. Last year one did well, it had quite a few flowers. This year its not grown well at all. The newer one has grown up the trellis but no flowers. The last one has one flower. Maybe a little rain will help,
 photo d13da5e9-bd45-4636-bd8f-10ad75db3a82_zps2a5db7fb.jpg
My roses are blooming. One is Peace. the pale pink is a knockout rose.
 photo 38cd43b1-cfe8-45bf-a007-e0ac694d7dfd_zpsddb68d84.jpg
You know how I feel about weeds.....if they are pretty then they can live. If they grow in the right spot anyway. This very tall white daisy thing is in a good spot so it can stay and live its life. The other one is in a bad spot, it grew where I have mulch, so it cant stay there. I will wait till its done flowering and then pull it. Its sort of pretty

 photo f0bf8dc6-46d1-4bb6-8915-c3a7be8600ec_zps91cc8e5d.jpg

I love the colours of these, purple flowers, the bee is having a good time. The second picture is one of my new Hosta in boom.

 photo 4b56953c-b32a-40f7-9ae4-8fee0717fda7_zps3d5615de.jpg
A few garden beds out front.

 photo 9ae34189-8579-4d7c-9484-a9b1a4afd355_zpsdd88e447.jpg

Here are the two little trucks again this year with ivy and beach stones. I have managed to keep Tristen away for now. He has plenty of stuff outside to play with.

 photo e1847e0a-11ce-416f-8835-a21a5eea35a1_zpsae000861.jpg
Before I went out to take the pictures, I saw this baby Robin sitting out on the path watching two Mourning Doves kissing
 photo f851d22d-554e-4fb5-8483-95e2dcc10a18_zps37aeef7a.jpg
The knockout rose may recover. I have some better pictures in my camera but this is it for now

 photo 8760248d-e633-44c4-8574-a9fd16852bfa_zps7699e458.jpg

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Magic Love Crow said...

Truly, so magical! I love your gardens! They are beautiful! I can tell they are loved! I am the same way, if something starts growing that I didn't plant, it can stay ;o) And, I love things that spread too, like mint! LOL! Big Hugs ;o)

Rose Hascall said...

I garden like you. Love things that spread. If they get thick enough, they choke out the weeds or at least hide them.

Jeannette StG said...

Wow I'm envious of your flowers as well as your green thumb! Thank you for visiting my blog earlier:)

Loredana Donovan said...

Gorgeous flowers! Thank you for your lovely comment and follow. I'll come back to read more. Out with family now. Happy Fourth! :)

Lorrie said...

Really gorgeous flowers!