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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Beginning of July.....

Its the beginning of July. My pictures on my computers is all messed up and I lost all my stuff. I got a lot of it back so I guess that's OK. Just wasted a lot of time that's all. I have been busy outside but its so hot I didnt get a lot accomplished. Anyway here are a few pictures.

 photo 9828a451-ae4a-4723-b9ed-2eaa0988c97d_zpsb09341d2.jpg

first off another weed that I have let grow. Its on the edge of the garden so its not going to get in the way. The reason I don't usually let them grow is because they get so tall. They dont seem to grow in a good place. This time it chose the right spot
 photo 0f93df70-27b0-4743-8aa0-78596ff9cfb4_zps1a1cf600.jpg
This is doing well too. I have two and both are doing quite well. This one seems to be doing the best. I think the other is getting too much sun at the moment
 photo 02eb3ec1-ca1f-44cb-87a0-6e67e7d1c6ea_zpsdc8eebe0.jpg
The daisies are also growing too tall and I bought something to restrain them. They fall over on top of all the other flowers so a few props are in order.
 photo 97f6600a-f0d1-4d48-a992-008af2f7bfe2_zpse2222e10.jpg
This is a wild rose given to me by a friend. He said it would spread and he aint kiddin....well its still spindly because it does not get enough sun. This year though it had some nice blooms so as always, it can stay
 photo 4bf891cd-11de-4143-aded-0866ca16e67a_zpsabbb6434.jpg
 photo 825048db-aa5c-4cbb-9262-2492b9732c85_zps4b2ed51a.jpg
The Hosta is blooming and I love the flowers. I know some people don't like them, I wonder why because the flowers are so pretty.
 photo 941138e3-9f14-42be-96d9-17b0fac9c268_zps9a946865.jpg
The Blue Jay family are still around even after the loss of their babies (wipes a tear away) they were so sweet and almost ready to fly. Anyway, they come to the feeder and still look at me as if I should not be there. They come and eat anyway.
 photo ea44e3af-8d40-487d-9bae-9d0794a7a5cc_zpsf6a336ad.jpg photo ae29065d-eae2-484c-a822-da063b581e04_zpsd9a1012d.jpg
What I don't understand is this. The Blue Jay is a fierce bird and yet......when it goes to the feeder and a sweet little Mourning Dove is there. Its afraid. He went down once and the Dove pecked him and he flew away, so they are actually bullies and do not stand up to a sweet little dove.

 photo 16e802f8-10c4-427b-afdc-5093d4bac136_zps6dbbe1f6.jpg

This thing grows like a weed, it spreads all over the place yet its sold as a garden plant. Its pretty but I have to keep it under control. I forget the name but I know everyone else will remember........

 photo f600038c-9be1-4df5-b388-383d7a3dd992_zps2b26d148.jpg
Thats it for today. Hope things pick up soon. Not a lot happening in my garden at the moment.


Lorrie said...

Beautiful flowers. Your roses are really stunning.

noel said...

love all your summer blooms especially the fushias, they really hate growing in my area for some reason

Magic Love Crow said...

You know what? I let that same weed grow in our garden! LOL! And, you are right, it's really tall! LOL! We have no bluejays this year? So weird! We usually have tones? I hope they are ok! Love all the pictures! I love that one that you say spreads all over the place! If you find out what it is, please let me know ;o) Take Care ;o)

Loredana Donovan said...

I love your daisies and pink wild roses. I agree the purple flowers on the hosta are pretty. Your garden looks lovely :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Your garden looks beautiful and so colorful! I love Fuchsia, too, and you probably already saw. "Weeds" have some of the prettiest flowers!