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Thursday, July 18, 2013

visitors in the heat..............

Dog days........wonder why they call it that? I mean dogs lay around all day even when its cold. My lot do anyway.Well with a heat index of 101 degrees I have to be sure the birds and wee beasties have enough water. I see the Chipmunk is back, or at least one of his offspring. The cat knows it too so this one better be smart.
My first picture is of Mrs Robin who seems to be collecting nesting material.....hmmm. She already has a bunch of kids following her.
 photo cc8091de-0e54-4ca3-92f0-0dd8bd3d5377_zpsab104a76.jpg
One of her kids is out back in a mud puddle. Just like a kid huh!!!!! and squabbling with a Grackle for the spot.
 photo 4f71860c-a544-4fa7-8d89-d28157ca5ef4_zps8e3769ee.jpg
 photo 955ef755-9d89-432b-a290-56719ff99ee0_zps5221c515.jpg
While the female is sprucing up. The Mr is stuffing his face
 photo 85b4922f-6b0c-425c-9e15-8491d7e021f2_zps02cce8a4.jpg
Meanwhile I found out who raided the bird feeder and scarfed the lot
 photo 43c4c4d9-afc1-43d2-9d63-5628e7f01d8d_zps35dcf738.jpg
He is going to have to cool it. I dont mind feeding him but he hoards it instead of eating it. Thats not fair to everyone else..
I liked the colours on this picture. A Day lily and little lavender bells
 photo 6396522c-1a68-4df3-9144-e732a2a048e9_zps93aec944.jpg
All around my garden I have dishes for the birds and animals. This is a good way to use old dishes or garage sale finds.
 photo 099ae3f1-1bbb-46a1-b533-9798789f1053_zps004aef55.jpg
This little Chickadee prefered the fountains cool water though
 photo 4b05cb6b-7563-4a71-a84a-4a6102e804f4_zps54cfad63.jpg
Some of the colours are beautiful together
 photo 8fc5e482-78d8-47ea-84da-decf8b2fdcc1_zps39f85d4d.jpg
The Day lilies continue to blossom
 photo 62a92539-296c-489e-b862-a4ff3df2f422_zps048ffdbb.jpg
 photo 87cfe305-aebe-47d0-aaaa-628514185f4f_zps3376aac4.jpg
The bee balm is pretty and I am hoping it will attract a few butterflies, they have been scarce this year.
 photo 446bd0ee-7427-4cf0-a333-cc92d5774fbd_zpsb3a700ee.jpg
A very small flower on the Hydrangea
 photo 10e6fcf3-0149-4929-9062-0eed5c716320_zps251b745d.jpg
I am off to see whats new out there tonight............its so hot it may be a quick trip


Merlesworld said...

Your furry friend is very cute but if he takes it all and leaves none for anyone else he is greedy.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

That greedy chipmunk is really adorable & the flowers are, of course, gorgeous!

Magic Love Crow said...

How long does it take you to make your posts! They are beautiful! I love all the pictures, like always! Such a treat! Thanks for sharing them ;o) Big Hugs ;o)
(My friend, I did write to you, don't know if you go it? But, for the blue bells and the lavender, is aceo size good, or does it matter?)

Magic Love Crow said...

Question, where do you get your stands for your old bowls?