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Monday, July 22, 2013

Another day in the garden.................

Well not a lot going on out there really. I now have so much work to do but its been too hot. My potted plants have come to the end of their life really. I usually replace them but its not worth it yet. Everything just shrivels up. We need rain bad. Anyway, here are a few pictures of whats going on at the moment. The Day lilies are doing well. I have not seen any butterflies this year. Only one white one.

 photo e2b00f6a-b324-4b9c-977e-c0b7652f1afd_zps5346c9ad.jpg

This little critter came to see me. It was cute watching his eyes move
 photo 31ad97d3-aac5-42d3-b1a8-8be1173db4d5_zpsd5458eb2.jpg
I love this colour, these are in my neighbours garden. I took this picture because mine has not bloomed yet
 photo 47f060e1-e4a4-4770-a5c2-81178e6396ca_zps8af14574.jpg
This is a white bloom on one of my Hosta plants. Most of them are a lavender colour
 photo 9f4b486a-8457-43d5-bc94-101f37796e42_zps3f90acae.jpg
I love the colour on these Day Lilies. I was very happy with all of them this year. I bought a couple of new ones and I think that I will get more, they do so well.
 photo ab3227d7-aff0-45f7-8835-96be4c05f29e_zps0b624db9.jpg
 photo 404b7482-d8af-428d-911b-45141304f683_zps3216f083.jpg
The wild ones spread all over the place but are still so pretty
 photo 5af30eec-e0a2-48b8-b111-0616aaf2d0de_zpsdbbacc88.jpg
My fish are doing well. Getting quite fat. I hope they live another year. They have good hiding places in the pond now and they play. If they live another year I may even give them names.
 photo b2967848-3aa2-4fce-bcd7-f3c7beea4fa4_zps7ba1ea36.jpg
This cheeky devil is still around. Its a wonder because the cat is on the warpath
 photo 227b00bb-680a-4cad-a99e-55ee61b46a3f_zps0e090dea.jpg
 photo 6097ad85-431c-4809-8672-3acaeda45a20_zpsfac92b54.jpg

I need to get some plant stakes, maybe this weekend. Right now everything is floppy and I just cant get out there while its so hot. Its bad enough just getting everything watered. So enjoy these few pictures I am ready for something new...........not really much coming on. The next thing looks like it will be daisies, the yellow ones and that takes us into the Autumn shades. Sigh.........I hope ita a long cool Autumn.
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Craftymoose Crafts said...

I haven't been able to get out much here either because of the humidity. That probably why I do so much "gardening" inside, LOL, of course, I mean making the flowers!

Magic Love Crow said...

I love your garden pictures! I know somethings have died off for me this year. It has been a weird season, starting off with so much rain, now dry and hot. I'm thankful I have alot of hostas, they are easy to take care of ;o) LOL! (love the fish!)

maryom said...

Lovely pics yet again. I hope you get some rain soon. We've had 3 weeks of scorching sunshine but today has been full of thunder, lightning and at last rain!

Fallingladies said...

Gorgeous photos! Love them all!