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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hot days, dog days.............

This is a very hot July, beach weather. Thats where I will be today. I did get some pictures last night though and here are a few.
The Poor Grackle was wet, must have had a shower or a dip in a bird bath he looks frazzled.
 photo 1a5a33d2-7b9c-4f4a-94d5-da0d9b008117_zps7c236560.jpg
The day lilies and other lily are so pretty this year. They are blooming in profusion.
 photo 9254331d-047e-4b8e-bad5-375bdd7f1801_zps39b5abbb.jpg

 photo c2352b0f-c7ef-43e1-b5e9-70783bc346fa_zpsd8e78fa6.jpg

Lots of lovey colours
 photo 337b726c-a838-4f74-961e-e028b0958dd9_zps07c19263.jpg

 photo c67c9b97-86aa-4101-a905-e9c3ea5050ea_zps3f70485e.jpg

 photo aaa37324-1942-4684-8a8a-26c0b1f11016_zpsf85fa0e4.jpg

 photo ed651768-39e8-4b69-a6cc-816cc7cc23e1_zps13d439f4.jpg

Close up of the yellow one

 photo ab5bf57c-de0f-4c7d-b22e-c5b97ce38e81_zps4ecf8467.jpg

 photo 07d1cd82-cac8-440f-85ce-9b6bf0f7d345_zpscc6ab6cb.jpg

Much more colour in the garden now

 photo 0a4bf484-e7e8-4de3-9a6c-ff06cad0e720_zpsa56f6859.jpg

 photo 068f2c87-78b2-45d4-a0ac-a1d52c12b10d_zps14cdfb83.jpg

I didn't know the Bee Balm came in different colours. I didn't buy different colours.

 photo 5e009c5b-9cca-4402-8b95-c08a6157ef04_zps9ea76f83.jpg

 photo aa16edd0-2c74-4322-8730-e008f56a7bd9_zpsca72c81f.jpg

 photo 9a2717f7-febc-424a-947b-def6a1f837c8_zps06ea73c4.jpg

I love the mix of colour

 photo 2d0522ba-6637-46e5-adad-fc52e8fe0a45_zps00ba4558.jpg

The butterfly weeds in yellow and orange are still growing brightly. I found some Campanella and hope I can grow that, we shall see.They do not seem to like the heat.
 photo 06b4f504-407d-4823-bba6-964722040608_zps677d257d.jpg

Pansies hanging on barely.
 photo 6f26c784-1a8d-4e87-8beb-7b1b469bd9cc_zps36fd5d9c.jpg

Painted Daisy, I liked and bought some more. I hope they will do well
 photo 9da51262-1d65-4693-815b-8de442a068fa_zpsbd6f4d43.jpg

I like it when a plant thrives and gets thick on the ground.
Wild Hydrangia

 photo facabcf4-9b0f-48e0-91cb-f5ad8587dbcb_zps5752d31f.jpg

These yellow daisies are pretty but they are so tall and stringy they fall all over the others. I must find a solution.

 photo 3fdb8d8c-2e63-4194-a20a-c7e340067ab3_zps07c02284.jpg

All for today............I have to go water before I take off for the day

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Merlesworld said...

Lovely pictures so much colour.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Great shot of that pretty bird! What a beautiful garden you must have with all the variety and color! We are sweltering here, too. I hate to go out at all in this heat--I can feel my skin burning!

maryom said...

Lovely pictures - particularly of the lilies. Mine all flowered in a rush last week and now I'm left with bare sticks :(

Magic Love Crow said...

We are melting here too my friend!! Too hot to even go outside! Please stay cool! Love the garden pictures! Beautiful! Put some stakes up for your flowers that are falling over ;o) That bird picture is too funny! Take Care ;o)