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Friday, July 12, 2013

A day in July.........

Today's garden. I just love the Day lilies and how they just brighten things up so much. I must get more. I need more orange ones.
 photo 1d5e27e8-8a37-426f-a5cb-1417c0f9e198_zps97f21ba0.jpg
I got a few new ones last year and its good to see how they have improved.

 photo 519a06b9-08f4-48bb-8d84-f4d01d11604a_zps6c8060df.jpg
 photo 61919160-a335-4061-a264-7097fa718972_zpsbf647f71.jpg
These ones are just beautiful
 photo b5030eef-dbbe-4708-b3c3-9166f3880eaf_zps0513aae7.jpg
This is a lovely bright yellow, the others are more buttery yellow
 photo 09913559-1aa5-4bc5-9c86-5e40e88d600b_zps874ab38e.jpg
and here are a few more colourful things
 photo babb4c5d-7b3e-4f45-bba9-1fdf4e51abfa_zps449da1c5.jpg
 photo d57024b9-b1ac-4822-8847-bae9ce7caa7c_zps40568a77.jpg
Mrs Cardinal came for a visit, Mr was after her though and with Tristen outside they didn't stay around long. She got her tummy full though.
 photo e45b5439-511c-4117-b0fb-bceb1d02cf67_zpsbd78836d.jpg

This one, I call a painted daisy, I expected to really spread but it has not

 photo 61f89a56-8910-4b48-8082-16e9830789db_zps03143df2.jpg

This guy was hungry enough to stick around even though Tristen was on the deck with me.

 photo 99e35b8f-5da8-4de1-91f5-19000c72f7c7_zps7ce34930.jpg

My wild flowers, this is the Milk Weed. I grow it for the butterflies, but the bees love it too
 photo 15d079d1-876f-4278-9b50-c00b12ab00b8_zpsf4d74deb.jpg
A great little worker
 photo c12dacb8-6f22-42a9-8ae3-b326daa8e997_zps1f1ab09d.jpg
Just a day in the life of my garden........more tomorrow maybe. The bee balm is coming out and the butterfly weed is brilliant. Waiting to get some good shots of bees bugs and butterfly soon.


Merlesworld said...

That fourth picture is a stunning flower.

Magic Love Crow said...

I love all these pictures!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden ;o) Hugs ;o)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Your gorgeous lilies inspire me to create more! Your photos are amazing and so vivid & clear. Nice job!

Loredana Donovan said...

The day lilies are pretty, and you have such a nice variety of colors :)