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Monday, May 27, 2013

My Fish.....

I have been sitting outside enjoying the cool sun. I was sitting by the pond. Well, I have put two glass balls in there, the kind that you fill with water and stick in a plant. I didn't want them for that reason and as the stems tend to break, well I put them in the pond.
 photo 09bbd7bc-adfc-4f3d-a8c5-25bf8c07b3ae_zps03150ea8.jpg
Well as I sat there, I began to take notice of the fish. They were playing.
 photo 4204b56b-99f4-4a84-be78-eb504061982f_zpsb2129235.jpg
At first I didn't understand what they were doing, but the biggest one kept flipping the stem of the ball with his tail. It made it move.
 photo c4a4357a-976c-40f5-8892-396e70ea2b4f_zps217542a9.jpg
Then I began to watch more careful and I could see that they were all 3 of them pushing the balls with noses and flipping them with tails. The balls would move around the pond and back together again.
 photo 06188afb-5155-4795-9072-d28d7e4f72af_zps4e31281a.jpg
I cant believe the pictures came out so clear. I wasn't able to catch them in the act but still..........
 photo 58584164-cdc1-4278-8421-3a0e85edc9b5_zps3ca56192.jpg
Anyway my fish have done well, they survived a bad winter, a long winter. I think keeping the pump running so the water kept moving helped. They grew larger during the winter unbelievably.
 photo 51ce7915-53cb-4b77-aab7-a0036c1daa96_zps25618f9f.jpg
I started off with a tank full of goldfish that I brought in during the first winter. That worked well. They got eaten by some critter or other. Those all had names. The next batch had names too. They died because I messed up and put water from the hose in the pond, I forgot it had fluoride in it.
Then last year I got these 3. There were 7 to begin with and at the end I thought there were only two survivors. Come to find out there are 3 and they get along well. I sure hope they are smart and stay alive. They have places to hide. I put a 1/2 bird bath top in there and it makes them a cave.
 photo 4d577024-ff03-4887-9012-e620dfde34a2_zpsae6f6e94.jpg
So if I can keep Boots the cat away and no Raccoons come around, if these guys survive summer I may name them. They also love to jump over the water that comes out of the pump. I can not believe how playful they are.They are happy fish.

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Merlesworld said...

They are lovely pictures of the goldfish, I hope they live long enough to get names, they are clever to make a game with the balls.

Magic Love Crow said...

Beautiful happy fish! So much fun! Great pictures! I do hope no animals get them!