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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Still raining.....

Some more pictures from was still raining today and so I didn't go outside today. I cant believe they are saying that we may have a freeze tonight or tomorrow night. That means bringing in plants again. What a pain.
 photo c83e763b-d237-4d2c-a815-e9c50ea4281d_zpsf35b513f.jpg

I am putting in some more lillies and will be buying some more day lillies. Loved these close ups
 photo 8d0a56cb-5691-44b5-8df7-8caf2e5f471c_zpsbe4445e4.jpg
I put in some more daisies. I am hoping they like where I put them.
 photo 4fdfaff0-59ce-4478-96b6-5e06b3c154fc_zps2d2f2122.jpg
MY Lavender out by the road died off this year. I think it got too much snow piled on it and it just could not take it. One in the garden is doing OK so far. Anyway, bought a new one and will put that in a pot near the house. Should stay warmer. We shall see
 photo f0c1d043-5d7c-41fd-97f1-e40ba1ba5c44_zps882a30c2.jpg
Thought this was pretty, have to bring it inside for the winter. I bought a pink and an orange one. Pink is in a pot and the other in ground. Will see who grows best.
 photo 746f6a14-728f-4dc3-9c6f-1892a5f65235_zpsbeff0949.jpg
 photo 50089fa1-352b-4dd5-8023-56cb75183027_zps26133b1f.jpg
I also could not resist this lovely white Iris.
 photo a1edc4ac-ac8a-4e15-9368-ef9fd539cb5c_zps74b16e2e.jpg
I dont buy a lot of annuals anymore. I buy things I can take inside to winter over or else I buy perennials. I can't afford to waste the money. I do like just a few annuals though. I usually invest in some Geraniums because they last very well all year and maybe just a few petunias, I like the wave petunias. Generally though I have perennials even in my containers now. Lots of Hosta's they do so well in tubs.
 photo 6db8ca74-873b-4e7a-9695-fd4951041e5a_zps6d1157f7.jpg

The Hosta do so well in the tubs and come up quicker than those in the ground. Some I have on the deck steps and I plant those in the Fall. Can never have too many Hosta
 photo 6110d092-736a-446d-94f4-4b3e7af0e6f3_zps7d527c32.jpg
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Merlesworld said...

It's lovely to see some flowers they are few and far between here.

Magic Love Crow said...

Yep, we had frost last night and some areas even had snow! It was a real cool day today too! Love your pictures! I agree with you on the Hostas ;o) I only buy plants now, that come back every year. Have a great weekend ;o)

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Your flowers are lovely and more and more I am only buying plants that come back year after year. Thanks for sharing with us and have a wonderful week.


Betsy said...

Very pretty pictures, I like the coal scuttle with plantings.