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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Noisy Bird............

Mr C singing his heart out........noisy little begger.

 photo 06f66015-32db-4a54-96a1-dc9ffbae0e43_zpsda4c88ed.jpg

 photo 6b45a72a-bf7f-4c00-a556-d004561753c6_zps4dbd81e2.jpg

 photo a7eb0a65-7e87-4c06-aeb5-f71e8fadc285_zps68327382.jpg

My Forsythia arch coming along nice. Have not had a chance to get out and tidy and secure it yet. Will be sort of nice in a couple years.

 photo 6d26bfbb-bce8-4b53-9cc6-89c588151a5a_zps31753939.jpg

The Quince is beginning to bloom

 photo a772675b-636e-42d4-b2bf-f26394c954bb_zps77ba8459.jpg

If you look close you may see a birds bum.......I put that wreath temporarily on the side of the arch that holds the swing. I then put an iron pot holder in the center that secured it to the trellis. So.......I thought, maybe some ivy would look OK in it. Next thing I know a flock of Blue Jays claim it and a pair of them are building a nest in it. Well I had to take down the swing. I could just see that, Tristen swinging and the babies bouncing...........I will try to keep this information from Tristen so he leaves them alone. Although I think the Blue Jays will take care of themselves I prefer not to have the hassle. They don't mind me in the garden and as long as there is no eye contact, they carry on, otherwise they pretend they are just sitting in the bush for no other reason.
 photo 25bbef41-faa1-424d-8e89-44faa691e584_zpse093b838.jpg
In fact I was sitting on the deck drinking some water and one of them came to the feeder. He stood and stared at me as if to say "Ya got a problem with this?".....I looked away and he stuffed his face and took food to the Mrs. feeding her in the tree. We must have reached an understanding because he came back and ignored me. He is a big bird up close with a very sharp beak. Meanwhile, on the front porch.......

 photo 07fb47fd-07ba-409d-bca1-ff3040d82cdc_zps4a3db925.jpg

Mrs Robin is recycling a previous years nest. I cant catch her in it to take a picture but she seems to be already feeding someone. I cant believe she has even laid eggs yet. We have two functioning Robins nests on the front porch in the vines. The Jays nested by our kitchen window last year. I don't know where the Cardinal is yet.
My Dandelions are doing well

 photo 584eb82f-17d1-42ae-a9aa-ded04dedff21_zpsaec76513.jpg

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Magic Love Crow said...

Your dandelions are doing well! LOL! Love all the pictures ;o) We have tones of birds around us, but I haven't seen any nests yet this year. I just changed where I put our feeders and the birds still haven't found it! I hope they do soon! Take Care ;o)