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Monday, May 27, 2013

In the Garden again......

Oh the joy of being outside. It was still a bit nippy today. I did get all the things potted that had to be. I also finished the weeding. Tomorrow I have to get a few things in the ground. That means digging, while digging I must get the borders straight. It should be a bit warmer tomorrow. That means I better get out there early. It was warm in the sun today but cold in the shade. Still a chance of frost tonight. The weather person said this should be the last of it. I am not going to cover stuff again.
 photo d0d3d406-ac90-452a-9579-ddc14d30f3f3_zps82a10cd8.jpg
Here are a few pictures from today. The Geranium came out nice I thought. Here is a Trillium still blooming, the sun makes it look so pretty.
 photo 137aef85-1f36-461d-a393-7c19770b9a8d_zpsab20316e.jpg
I have weeds in my garden. These are so pretty I just leave them and cut them back when they are done flowering. They are as pretty as anything I grow on purpose. Why not leave them?
 photo 34e38be7-61bf-4f39-b2fd-98489c32922f_zps42121482.jpg
I also leave the Dandelions and cut them before they go to seed. However they too have their own beauty. Every child enjoys a Dandelion clock
 photo 4e96d075-dc2c-4ca4-9d46-3b20572ba2bc_zps9d339fbe.jpg
I have often used old chairs in the garden. This one has no seat and so a piece of board holds the planter. Why waste a good chair by throwing it away.
 photo 97214c39-5173-41aa-a12e-c740f3cb8bff_zps04226deb.jpg
This next idea is using some old plates as bird baths. I had several of the stands around, normally used for plants. Some old ones had to be painted but turned out nice. I used those on the deck.
 photo 8dff3c1c-4ae6-458f-94c7-a2fe85ca2bf6_zpsfb6bec56.jpg
This little cart is home made. I bought it many years ago at a garage sale. It's sort of delicate now, but it still makes a pretty planter.
 photo 3a1044b3-263f-4823-9f23-7b00e31e6665_zps442ed244.jpg
Mrs Blue Jay is still on her nest. I check on her now and then. She does not trouble to move brave girl. She knows I hope that I wont hurt her. I have fed them all winter. I think I deserve a photo.
 photo 517d3691-a550-4658-bef7-87061c9df604_zpsddbebcdd.jpg
My fish is getting big. There are still 3 remaining fish. Just the right amount for the pond.
 photo 652c3e1d-9e55-47fb-93d7-9b3aecc65b2d_zpsd5ab0cc9.jpg

Wild Honeysuckle.
 photo 2dbcae0f-7f12-4b13-89c1-17cbee29dfa5_zps5406a1e9.jpg

Tomorrow I dig. I have several Day lilly and an Iris to plant I will have more pictures too I hope.
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Merlesworld said...

They say weeds are just flowers in the wrong place I agree, but I like a lot of weeds so I leave them there too.
The garden is looking good.

Magic Love Crow said...

My friend, I love the way you garden! It's how I do it too! I am very natural! I love my weeds and I love using odd things. Keeps everything interesting and fun! Take Care ;o)

Amazing wonders in my life said...

I'm new to this blogging world... lovely pics... :)