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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Outside at last.................

I really should have stayed home and worked in the garden. It was such a lovely day on Saturday. It felt so good to be able to go for a drive. Laura and Reina came with us, that is Gerry, Tristen and me. We have waited so long for this and the kids were so happy to be out. "How long, how long, when will we be there" says Tristen. We decided to go towards Empire. There is a walk that seemed just about the right length considering the kids. It's called Windy Moraine. Off we go
 photo 6861ac0d-2c86-4ec1-a900-c45860511caf_zps513a1ed1.jpg

On this post I will talk about what I saw in the woods and then do another post on Bluebell Woods, about the walk itself.
There are so many things popping into life after a very very long winter. In parts we were still walking through snow. The day was perfect in the high 60s, it was windy....Windy Moraine. what would you expect. What I loved was the sound of the wind in the tops of the trees, down where we were walking was calm and warm.
Here are some pictures of new life springing through the dead leaves from the Fall............moss, up close is beautiful.
 photo 25cea370-d3f5-4cb7-99b6-ee87cbb37848_zpsb5d495be.jpg
 photo 208c1937-6980-42cb-96bc-0a99eab2fea2_zpsb3770a68.jpg
Fungus.........also very beautiful. A fairy land. The dead wood provides new life, nothing in nature is wasted.

 photo 4b8ecab5-171a-4ed4-8151-4f3d91388010_zps7592f75a.jpg
The green shoots are wild garlic/onions. You can smell them as you walk through the woods.
 photo 4b220457-9b58-4c1f-9ed3-4771c3c5365d_zpsf97bb5a3.jpg
The Silver Birches are beautiful against the sky
 photo 103c79d4-96d2-4a97-857e-beba23785199_zps821b6a16.jpg
There are some lovely views and my pictures do not do it justice.
 photo e035f900-2aad-4194-8b34-e85c1d30bb94_zps770bbac0.jpg
Look at the April, would you believe.
 photo 77c11a04-136c-41c3-bc6c-75fec08f93cc_zpsf0f44e90.jpg
No flowers yet, but maybe next week. If next week is as nice we can go for another walk. The view from the top of the Moraine is spectacular. It was hazy and so I could not capture it quite well enough on film.
 photo b3f53ab3-1216-4130-a141-95f09a9d9c87_zps45818b40.jpg


Merlesworld said...

I love walking in wild areas when they are coming to life after winter.

Magic Love Crow said...

Gorgeous pictures! What a beautiful place!

Beth said...

Gorgeous shots. Nothing like a walk in the timber to see the wildflowers, moss, and mushrooms!